Business Tip: How to Get Web Design Clients

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This video includes

1 – The truth that no one really wants “web design services”. What they really want is their problem solved

2 – (At least) 4 different problems your BEST web design clients have you can solve

3 – Common mistakes made by conventional web design consultants (and how you can NOT make those mistakes yourself)

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40 thoughts on “Business Tips: How to Get Web Design Clients

  1. I have been into web design for past 20 years plus, definitely, I do what you said in the video, but never seen a single video saying what you said and the way you put it there… Good Video… Good for newcomers and old designers who just offer their services their expertise but not able to actually think customers way… Good Video… Yes, let me tell you… I had to subscribe to your channel in just one video…. the simplicity to the point… thinking of what we want is what you thought in your video too… Just not teaching others, but implementing same in your video too. Valuing professionals time too. Absolutely 100/100 for this video… The Best Video I have ever seen… on my field… Youtube nowadays is filled with garbage 70% of the time. Only 30% is useful content, rest blah blah blah…

  2. I don't can't even do those things well, I just install wordpress into a cheap VPS and call it a day.
    I guess I better give up and get a wageslave job 🙁

  3. 1 correction. Web designers are NOT website DEVELOPERS. These are 2 different jobs with 2 different outcomes. Website designers are more about making a site look pretty. Website developers know coding, programming and so one.

    These 2 things aren't to be confused.

  4. why can't all YouTube videos be like this!! short, to the point, drives the message, and most importantly you are very articulate, punctual and professional. thank you so much, i had to sub!

  5. Thank you for your video, but I must disagree.  Many potential clients are seeking web design services.  Most of my clients are not motivated by "their current problem".

  6. Good video.

    If I may make a suggestion, do NOT build sites for churches. I am a Christian and would love to use my web development talents to help churches, but they are the WORST clients you will ever find. I have had experiences building sites for four churches, and each of them turned out to be a major headache.

    First, everything you propose will have to go through a committee. The pastor cannot make the decisions without the board approving. BUT, there is ALWAYS someone on the board who wants to keep the site development in-house, and they will work behind the scenes to wrestle the project away from you – even after publication. It seems that the church site is somehow a focal point of power and there are always people in the church who want that power for themselves.

    Next, there are always people within the church who want funds for pet projects, which does not include paying you. Payments will be uncertain, and you are not guaranteed to get all of your development fee if you allow payments.

    I love God, and love His people. Unfortunately, the internal politics of churches make them undesirable web clients. I will NEVER accept another church client, no matter how shinny that apple may be.

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