Estate Agents Tip: 10 Most Common Objections For Real Estate Agents

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Here are the most common real estate agent objections

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8 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: 10 Most Common Objections For Real Estate Agents

  1. I am taking classes to get a license but I was only planning to work as part time in the mean time since I have a full time job, but the instructor said that since I am already paying it might be beneficial to just work full time and focus on it more, is that opinion correct?

  2. Doing my Real Estate courses online at the moment.. but interested in doing the Modern Success program that you have. Would you recommend doing both or wait till after licensing? I would appreciate the advice, thanks for all the entertaining and informative videos!!

  3. Thanks Bryan, crazy week for me, just lost over 10K in being honest and truthful working with a buyer and the seller a xfriend for over 7 years was lying so much to sell her place, I had to be honest and well got so hurt and amazed how sellers will tell buyers what they want to hear, so many lies:((

  4. Hello,
    what's the difference between closing high real estate

    versus like a simple smaller deal?

    what's the difference in terms of closing skill?

    I mean on low-ticket items it's about the money, you're negotiation

    wiht their wallet, with their mortgage, with their ability

    to afford it? so basically they can nickel and dime you a bit and on

    the high-ticket items the money they've kind of already figured out

    so it really comes down to how they feel about the cash that

    they're about to spend, so you're negotiating with their emotions?

  5. Hey Bryan I have a serious question. Is it illegal to use callings services such as mojo triple Lon dialer. It seems like when I look it up online it says that it is illegal. I don’t want to get in trouble but I’m confused because it seems like everyone uses it. Can I just get a trusted answer please.

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