Estate Agents Tip: 11 Videos All Real Estate Agents Should Make | Realtor video marketing tips

11 Videos All Real Estate Agents Should Make
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Mike Hicks Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Investor in tampa bay, Florida goes over some video marketing tips going over videos that all real estate agents can add to their marketing and increase their lead generation from online marketing.

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4 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: 11 Videos All Real Estate Agents Should Make | Realtor video marketing tips

  1. Hi Mike, enjoyed the video! Thank you for sharing on your side the videos you have used. A thumbs up and have subscribed, looking forward to more of your content.

  2. Thanks Mike, this information is gold. My wife a a Real Estate Agent in Honolulu. She has a good referral business but really needs to implement videos into her marketing and focus more on social media. Creating and editing videos can be time consuming so I decided to step in and do it for her. My plan is to learn enough to start my own marketing agency.

  3. This is such good information. I am one year in to real estate and I've struggled feeling confident as an expert in my video content. These are great examples. Thanks again for sharing your expertise. My video's are located on youtube under ETXhomesforsale they are defiantly cringe worthy. LOL I hope to produce a few more in the future and I'll try out your ideas.

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