Estate Agents Tip: Buyers Beware! Five common tricks real estate agents user – Buyers Agent Tips from Bryce Holdaway

Being at the forefront of the property market, Bryce Holdaway deals with real estate agents on a daily basis. In this How to video, Bryce shares some of the common tricks that buyers should look out for when searching for a property.

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23 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Buyers Beware! Five common tricks real estate agents user – Buyers Agent Tips from Bryce Holdaway

  1. Wow you are soo cynical.. there's are no sneaky tricks. Wtf is wrong with you

    Do you know there are laws and regulations we all follow? You can't cheat people and sellers only need to worry about their net sale price. It's about supply demand.

    You are the type of guy that goes around spreading false rumors to manipulate people to your advantage

  2. the agent's job is not to get a premium price for the seller, it is to help the seller prepare their home for selling, stage the home if necessary (move the furniture around or clean it professionally to look really great), help the seller decide on a price based on comparable homes in the area. They are not to persuade or use trickery or magical witchcraft to put a spell on everyone involved… and if you see that happening, just run. OH, and the role of someone with a buyer is to present ready, wiling, and able buyers to the seller (or agent), and there shalt be no sorcery or magic trickery between the two. Just a lot of work to help two parties achieve their goals in harmony if possible.

  3. Actually, your representation of RE agents is pretty off. Being a realtor is not about Trickery. And if one feels they are being tricked, they should contact that agent's broker in charge, or the real estate board. The laws for a RE agent is about protecting the client and not the agent. An agent representing a buyer has a responsibility to the buyer, just like a seller's agent has a responsibility to the seller. This is for the protection of the people who are selling their home or buying their home individually. AND in the case that the same agent is representing both the buyer and the seller, they are legally bound to inform all the parties, so that NO ONE is left in the fog, and can make good decisions based on truthful information. The seller's agent is not legally allowed to encourage or persuade the seller to do anything with their price. In fact, if a load of offers comes in at once, the seller's agent must hand them to the seller in no particular order so that the seller can view them and decide whose offer they want to accept. They sometimes choose an offer less than others presented for personal reasons, and it has nothing to do with the seller's realtor. The role of the agent is to help the buyer or seller through all the bumps of the pathway to achieve their desired goal. It is not about secretly trying to screw the buyer or seller while they are trying to purchase or sell their home. And if one is looking for an agent, they should expect that agents will want to show them their value and how they got to be valuable so that the client can pick the right person for them.

  4. There is someone else interested in it. Used car sales man trick 101. I had a snake car sales man tell that once. I said, oh yea that's you're one and only lie you're going to tell me today. If I smell another lie I'm walking out of here. Needless to say his bullshit stops.

  5. Bryce, look at me… Look at me Bryce… Look into the camera.
    This is not an interview, this is a video sales presentation. Dis-
    regard all the monkey-see, monkey-do of your peer group, the
    procedure that you're using is senseless. Tweak your chroma-
    key as well, it is not working for you… or just find a real and ap-
    priate background to sit or stand in front of. Hope that helps.



  6. Great video! says it like it is. That is a free market to buy and sell in : if Sellers use a selling agent for their expertise , buyers should indeed look to buyers agents to help them through the points Bryce has made.

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