Estate Agents Tip: Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage to Work | Best Real Estate Brokerage | How to Find a Broker

Hello Darlings,

Today I share what to look for and questions to ask when you are interviewing with brokerages. There are so many brokerages but there are key things you MUST ask every real estate broker before you sign up.


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13 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage to Work | Best Real Estate Brokerage | How to Find a Broker

  1. Thanks for the video! I happened to have met a KW Realtor at a Starbucks passing out her cards. And she said she knew about wholesing because her husband did it. Of course we exchanged info. It's good to know that this firm at least familiar with wholesaling.

  2. I am anticipating on getting my real estate license and I'm really glad I came across your channel and became a new subscriber, because now I know what to expect after passing my exam! Thank you for all the content you produce, Neva!

  3. Thank you Neva for this video!! I am studying for my license to help with my investing but wouldn't mind using it outside of investing and having it as a side job until I can go full time. But my dilemma with going with a brokerage like Keller Williams is in trying to see if working full time and investing on the side how will i benefit from the extra cost associated with a brokerage that cost more. What exactly are the trainings that they would provide and other tools that you said we would eventually have to pay for?

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