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How To Choose the Right Real Estate Office:
Part 1:
Part 2:

I recently received this great question from a lady getting her real estate license: “I am waiting to get my license, what should I be doing?”

Just like any person opening a new business, you should be preparing to “open your doors” for business. Here are the most important, simple steps every new agent will want to take immediately as they prepare to sell real estate:

1. Pick the right office.
2. Get training and coaching on how to succeed. (Learn what to do before you start.) Here are three great sources of training:
1. New agent training at your office.
2. Shadow top agent.
3. Get involved in my YesMasters training programs and events.
3. Get the word out to your Personal Circle.

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  2. You forgot… Pick the right Pay Plan and I'm baffled you don't tell people this!! Its much more important than picking the RIGHT office. Most offices, especially franchises, stink at training even though they claim great training. Trust me.. I've been at them all before starting my own brokerage. They want to abuse you at 50/50 pay plans before any franchise fee's and your chances of failing are about 100% in that scenario. I see it every day and talk to new agents who think they need a franchise to make it. YOUR BROKER NAME IS IRRELEVANT so wipe that off your list right up front. PICK THE BEST PAY PLAN AND START WITH A SMALLER OFFICE and your chances go dramatically up. If you see 100 Agents at an office, RUN.

  3. Thanks for making this video. I was thinking about getting into real estate but I don't know the first thing about it. A man gave me his card and told me to call him when I was ready to learn about it. I think I may give him a call.

  4. I passed my real estate exam and signed up with exit realty. I dont what I would do if I get a client?

    I cant attend training because I have a full time job but I've started marketing on Facebook. Any videls recommendations to train myself?

  5. What age do you suggest starting real estate? I’m currently 18 and can start my courses and if all were to go well i’d receive my liscence by 19. My only issue is will people take a 19 year old agent seriously?

  6. I like your video and will watch more since I've just found you. But, you add to much verbiage to get to the point. It's like explaining an entire page when 2 sentences are the important part and what you need to know.

  7. If a home buyer or seller ever files a lawsuit against you or alleges misconduct against you in a real estate deal, as an independent contractor real estate agent with no legal corporate structure set up for your business, you might be held personally liable for damages. This means your personal savings or even your own home could be vulnerable to being seized by creditors.

    Real estate agents can protect their personal assets from the worst-case scenarios of running a business while also enjoying some tax advantages by taking one simple step: setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

    What are your thoughts about real estate agents forming an LLC ?

  8. Kevin Ward Is the MAN!! I’ve taken all of Kevin’s amazing advice and jumped out of my comfort zone! I took that advice and expanded my Agency into a new revenue stream. I even started a YouTube Channel to document my journey help others with what I have learned! Thanks Kevin ,I own you!

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