Estate Agents Tip: How Being a Real Estate Agent Saves Me Money as an Investor

Many people say you should not be an agent if you want to be an investor. I disagree! I save over $100,000 on my investment properties by being a real estate agent every year. I also get more deals because I am an agent.

There are some downfalls to being an agent and investor, but overall if you want to be a serious investor I suggest you become a real estate agent as well. I save money on buying and selling houses, and I get more deals because I am an agent. People also say you cannot get deals from the MLS, but I flipped 26 houses last year (2017). and most of those were from the MLS.

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11 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How Being a Real Estate Agent Saves Me Money as an Investor

  1. If you want a reputable real estate company who has concern for its clients and can be counted on to do the right thing when its agents act unethically, irresponsibly and violate their fiduciary responsibility to their clients, DO NOT choose Invest Four More to represent you in the buying or selling of your home.

  2. This was recorded in 2014, and the parts about saving on commissions, MLS access, etc. is still true, but being able to find deals on the MLS in 2018 sounds like witchcraft to me lol. The market has changed so much.

  3. Can you be a realtor/investor and use mls without having to work with other clients? In other words, can I just use it for myself as an investor without having to try to obtain clients and show them properties for the real estate agency?

  4. I'm studying for my exam for my real estate license but ultimately i want to be a investor like you.
    I'm just doing this to get a education on the market and learn about everything I can.
    Some questions I have, do you need a broker to make a transaction thats why you have the 100% commission transaction?

    Sorry i'm new

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