Estate Agents Tip: How hard is it to become a real estate agent?

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Becoming a real estate agent is not difficult in most states. You have to take educational classes, pass a real estate exam and find a broker. The hard part is selling houses and making money. They teach none of that in real estate school. Make sure you choose a great broker who will train you to sell the right way!

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39 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How hard is it to become a real estate agent?

  1. Pause the video the moment you bring it up, at 0:00, and that's a great picture of Mark Ferguson.

    168 hours is exactly how long one week is.

    5:145:21 The guy who sped passed you is not only impatient, he wants a speeding ticket, and he wants to be in an accident, and it looks like you were thinking the same thing at that moment. Also, be careful driving while filming.

    Thanks for this video. Very interesting and informative.

  2. Army veteran when I first got out of the military I went to truck driving school make good money lack of Hometime blows. Live in Peyton Colorado considering using the GI bill to go to realtor School. Any advice recommending schools or anything else…. would want to not do it online I know myself well enough to know that would not set me up for success.

  3. Hi there. I am currently 19 yrs old and planning to become a real estate agent in NSW can i get some advices on how to dress in an interview and how can I pass it and is it a good career and how well do you know real estate agent just want to know more about the information before I start my course Thanks…

  4. In your first few months as a brand new realtor, how did you get your foot in the door to list your first few houses, was that mainly office walk ins, going to open houses, friends, etc. I want to venture into this field but don't know how to properly start. Thank you for your time.

  5. Very informative video. I just started my courses yesterday and I’m excited for this new journey. This will be an extreme career change for me, I’m happy and terrified at the same time, but I’m not going to let my fear stop me.

  6. I'm in Yonkers, NY and thinking about taking the real estate salesperson course. I'm scared, though. So I take the course, but what then? How do I get a sponsor. I know nothing about real estate and I definitely dont know any brokers.

  7. Hey man just need your opinion on something. Real estate sounds like fun, but I have a few concerns. I'm at a unique stage of my life where i would like to cultivate more friends, build a social life; and also improve my sleep. Will being a real estate agent interfer with these goals? or conversely, would it help? I just have this image of high stress, working overtime – meaning no time for any social life. Thanks so much & have a great day!

  8. I'm really considering becoming a real estate agent. I come from a struggling single mother family, Im 23, I don't even have my own room, but I'm so desperate to be financially stable for my future family, i mean it when I say I feel desperate for a healthy stable life. I cant imagine having to put my family though the struggles we have. This video helped A TON! thank you very much for the tips and information keep them coming!

  9. I tell my friends that I like the whole real estate business and that I want to rent out houses eventually but they just constantly crap on me for that. But I'm listening to what you're saying because they have no idea about it

  10. How do you survive the lack of pay when starting out as an agent? From the information I've come across, many say you make nothing your first 1-2 years… and if I'm going into real estate, i want to go all in. Obviously you would have to set aside savings, but that seems like a nightmare living off a few grand saved from a part time job previously & seems it wouldnt last. wouldn't you have to have a nice car to drive clients? Seems like one of those things where you have to have money to make money. Hope i can get your input.

  11. this may be a stupid question, but im considering real estate as my career im in college right now getting my general ed degree but do you think its important to get a degree in business or marketing before entering to real estate? also I live in Florida is Florida a good place for real estate?

  12. Real estate agents and all middle men need to go away. We'll all figure out how to buy houses without you. I'll take your commission and put in my pocket or my new home.

  13. I am looking forward to becoming an RE agent in the future (probably next year). I also plan on joining my local real estate club to began net working with people so I can find an investor and mentor to help me get into flipping homes. I would love to become a developer later on my career. Thank you for posting this video. I am definitely subscribing!

  14. As silly as this question may sound I'd like to make a comparison if I may.

    I've completed multiple certifications in my past from A+, N+ (pc repair) CNA (nursing assistant) STP (Sterile Processing technician) and lastly CPT (phlebotomist)…

    Out of all the examples I have documented do you think I would be able to complete a real estate program?

  15. mark…nobody covered subject of obtaining license with do one pass a background check? ever heard of Jay Morrison in new jersey? former drug dealer turned agent??

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