Estate Agents Tip: How to Do Wholesale Deals with Real Estate Agents, Part 1

– Part 1 – You have to show a level of professionalism when trying to flip real estate deals with real estate agents. We will show you how to get started.

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19 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How to Do Wholesale Deals with Real Estate Agents, Part 1

  1. you said its easier to find what a buyer is looking for say a buyer wants to spend 60k what do you tell the realtor what you are looking for and still be able to make a profit.
    Also would you mind answering the questions you cant put stuff out there and dont expect questions i have asked you several questions and have yet to get answers from you why give the info if you are not going to answer the questions unless you are not an investor or you are not doing this business is the only reasons you wont or cant answer the questions people ask…

  2. When a realtor ask a wholesaler how much do I want to spend on property what do I say say if I wanted to spending 50k how do you. Explain and that the value of the house will be more but I will spend 50k

  3. I have a question im new to investing, i have a deal i found on the mls and theres a realtor involve making my offer. When it comes to closing how do i assign the contract if they say you cant assign this contract. how do i write the deal up The closing agent told me i cant buy a house with someone elses money i dont understand can you go thru from start to finish how to close and contract a deal using a realtor and the mls and how to handle the closing with the title company i live in oklahoma the laws are strange here will you please look up the law for my state and tell me in detail how to handle it. I know you are a busy man but this is important i need to know how to do this type of deal and get it closed. Please answer as soon as possible because i have a deal pending and i dont know what to do. Thank you, Matthew

  4. I'm a brand new agent and i have a friend that is a investor he is willing to hire me as his listing agent for all of his flips but since he is a investor he obviously is going to be bringing me a high volume of listings to my table . he is offering me a flat rate of 5000 for example and i was wondering how am i going to offer a commission to a buyers agent when i post it on MLS … also another question is I want to also do residential listings in the future how do i explain to a brokerage that i want to work with a investor for a flat rate and also do residential for whatever the commission for that brokerage is?

  5. But if I go through a Real estate agent to find properties they will be listed for full price and my buyers are looking for discounted properties. So how will that work ?

  6. It is listed in the mls, getting a lot of roadblocks from the agent, wants proof of funds,wants to meet. I just want to put the offer in. I could not get a straight answer from other agents, so I put the offer in with $100 earnest money no money down, screw it, if the agent wants me to compensate her, she will have to speak up. Some agents act so premadonna. I just want be able to tell an agent, its gonna be no nomey down offer but this is how I want to take of you. Maybei am overthinking this,

  7. i am doing a contract for deed (land contract) that an agent sent me from the mls, however i dont know how to pay the realtor if i get the offer accepted. plus the earnest money. any advice

  8. Thanks for the comment, Cj. I was giving an example of situations when proof of funds is required. If you haven't built a relationship with the agent and they want proof of funds, someone is going to have to produce whether it is you or your end buyer, wouldn't you agree?

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