Estate Agents Tip: How to find and choose a real estate agent

How to find and choose a real estate agent

How can you tell whether a real estate agent is honest and trustworthy…or not so much? Author and Fox Financial Correspondent, Gerri Willis, tells you what to look for when choosing a real estate agent.

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11 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How to find and choose a real estate agent

  1. I have to disagree with getting an agent with at least 8 years of experience. Experience doesn't mean much it's about quality over quantity. Show me your results and numbers from past listings. Experience means nothing.

  2. As I watch and listen to all these videos, I wonder how many people would like to know how to find the best Real Estate Agents locally or nationwide when buying or selling their home? 

    You probably don’t know that the present real estate referral system is stacked against you. When you contact a Real Estate firm or ask someone for a referral, you will almost certainly be stuck with the dreaded “newbie”. The best agents in any firm are expected to find their own referrals from previous clients or through their own marketing efforts. The agents answering the phones, sitting open houses, and greeting walk-ins are all “newbies” being “trained” by the Managing Broker and learning from their mistakes. Even if you go through a corporate relocation or other relocation service the Managing Broker will surely match you up with a “newbie”. Would you like to know how to “BEAT THE SYSTEM” and get to the best?


  3. Finding the right real estate agent, whether you are selling, buying, or renting is an important factor to consider. If you find one that is not credible, you will end up not getting your money’s worth. Always go for a reputable agent who will guarantee you the best deals and services available.

  4. I have clients who went through 3 horrible realtors before they were referred to me by my past clients. My mouth dropped when they told me the ordeal they went through with these other realtors. So I hope that this video will help any potential buyers or sellers in finding the right Realtor.

  5. I totally agree, when you listen to her as an real estate agent you know that most of what she said was wrong. A selling agent down the block make no difference with any other agents. She obviously has no knowledge you have to have studied real estate to understand that every thing she said was baseless.

  6. A trusted Realtor has their worth as priceless to the lucky and smart client who took the time to pick someone who never thinks on closing, rather on service and helping. So ask what motivates you to be a REALTOR. There are good and bad profressionals in every industry but to have the opinion that a REALTOR would ever pick a lousy home inspector for their buyer is saying REALTORS break the laws. IT is the LAW of Agency that would prohibit such a notion and you are sending out the wrong message

  7. I have been licensed for a year – a home stager 14 a general contractor 23 years. My listings are all staged and sell quickly for close to asking. Do not base your choice on years as an agent Do they truly understand and/or bring in a stager? Do they show up in an internet search and where? How do they market – plunk a sign in the yard and put on MLS Times have changed in real estate and many of those long time agents are getting left behind because they are not changing.

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