Estate Agents Tip: How to get your Real Estate license and become a Real Estate Agent

As a full time real estate agent since 2008, this is the most common question I get asked – so this is my video addressing anyone interested in getting into the real estate sales industry. It’s been the funnest “job” I’ve ever had and I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than working as a Realtor and investing in my own properties on the side. Feel free to add me on Snap/Insta: GPStephan

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Benefits of becoming a Realtor:
-You don’t need a college degree
-You make your own hours
-You don’t have to be in an office all day
-You can wear what you want, for the most part
-You can directly control your income
-You can meet people you’d never ordinarily meet
-You get to see some crazy cool homes
-You can represent yourself when you buy/sell your own properties
-You get great tax advantages and tax deductions

On the downside:
-Many people fail
-Many people never make money
-Your income can be very sporadic (high highs, low lows)
-The hours can be odd/inconsistent
-Not everyone can handle working with people and multiple personalities

You don’t need any prior knowledge in the real estate industry, although you will need to learn a significant amount as you go along.
It also doesn’t take a ton of money to get started – as long as you have some savings to cover yourself until you start earning consistent money, which could be 6-12 months from when you start, the fees are manageable. The cost of actually becoming licensed could be as little as a few hundred dollars.
It’s also a great career to start when you’re young – since you have very little overhead, it’s a great time to begin learning and honing your skills. By the time your older, you’ll already have established yourself in the industry.

First step is getting your real estate license. The requirements vary from state-to-state, so google “How to get your real estate license in (your state here).”
You’ll usually need to enroll in a real estate course which is generally about 135-hours of education. You can take it online (what I recommend) or in person.
If you’re in California, I took my real estate license course from PremierSchools: (use code grstp for 5% off). is also another great option, as is Kaplan for most other states in the US.

Once you pass these courses, you’ll sign up to take your state test. This is what you’ll need to study for – generally there are plenty of exam cram products you can buy, many of which are helpful.

Passing your tests and getting your license is easy. Really, really easy – the barrier to entry is very, very low. Actually making money is another story. Once you get your license, my BIGGEST recommendation is to work as an assistant to another Realtor. This will give you all the experience you need with very little risk, since you’re getting paid for your time. When you feel comfortable enough, you can go off on your own and begin working your own clients. Even if you have to intern for free to see if you like it, it’s worth it for the experience.

If you decide to go off on your own, you’ll need to join a real estate brokerage as a new agent who will oversee your salesperson activity. My recommendation is to first find a brokerage that works in the area that you want to work in. If you want to work in the high end luxury market, find brokerages that work in the area you want to be in. Make sure that brokerage also offers training and support – this is crucial as a new agent who’s still learning.

A good book I recommend is “the millionaire real estate agent” by Gary Keller. This pretty much covers everything you’d need to know! This can be bought here:

Thanks for watching!

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49 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How to get your Real Estate license and become a Real Estate Agent

  1. Hey Graham, I've commented about this in the past. I am an expat living overseas and I'm planning on moving back to America and getting into real estate investing. Maybe you could do a video about investing from overseas or investing in properties overseas that would be helpful to me and other people.

  2. So if I was starting out would u recommend being an independent real estate agent or working for a company. Then leaving the company when you’ve built up a good reputation and clients

  3. Hey Graham, thank you for your videos. They actually made me want to go get my license. Now that I'm doing this full-time, I realized it was more difficult than I realized because I'm a very socially awkward person. That led to my Asperger's diagnosis, which makes me want to ask you, if you know anything about Asperger's, do you think real estate is a good career choice for me? I mean I'm going to continue no matter what you say, because my Aspieness is very mild. Do you know any socially awkward real estate agents who are still very successful? Thanks.

  4. Hey there how's it going? My name is Rick every word you're describing sounds like me lasher of you heard that before you probably have. Anyways I've been in the hospitality business food and beverage business among other things for a while. I took A 9 month course for beverage and food manager along with hotel lobby management. Little did I know back then that I love to help people I've done a lot of jobs and I've been pretty good at them I've actually excelled in exceeded expectations. To answer your question about being in this business for the right reasons I would love to help people find the right hole for them the right fit everything. I just came not to long ago from Farmington Hills Michigan for A talk from Robert from Shark tank. They were talking a lot about Real estate and how that's the best things go into but only talk about was the The revenue back and be made between as a very informative info such as location surroundings etc my reason would be yes money is obviously important. However I believe if you do your job correctly and it's something you enjoy the money will come maybe even more of it why well because you're doing it with real hard work not just because it's another job or you can make quick money like you said boo because you jelly wanna do this job for instance for me I wanna help people find their actual home. 5 I their dream home would be amazing. Was finding the home that they are satisfied with that they feel Veggie girl in or bait raise a family or just call it on real home that they're satisfied with is sufficient enough for me. Now I know you can't based example will people only wants because then nobody would find A home. But just putting it out there that that's Something like to incorporate when fighting someone a home again can do it for everyone and this goes for all jobs do it was love and hard work

  5. I know this is an old video, but what’s the difference between a brokers license and salespersons license? I’m 17 and going through real estate school right now, but do I have to get another license to become an assistant for a real estate agent?

  6. Such a great video. Im excited for the future as i've recently been taken under the wing of an established agent. Im starting off doing things like hanging signs, sending emails, and posting listings on social media. Im still in the process of getting my license but am still able to pop in the office to gain experience. It is invaluable.

  7. Hey! I dont know if this means anything but the same guy who is in this video will be “your instructor” when you BUY the lessons on website this video is pushing. Coincidence?

  8. Hello Graham, does it make sense to become a real estate agent just to save yourself the costs of buy and selling properties? I was thinking of getting the license just so I can get access to the listings and save myself some money.

  9. This video is old so I don’t know if you’ll ever see this comment but can you do more videos for people interested in starting a real estate career. I’m so excited but also so nervous because I don’t know what to expect. I really like the style of your videos and I refuse to watch anyone else’s videos but yours. I would rather look through your videos and rewatch a video you have 10 times than find another YouTube that talks about his stuff.

  10. I wanna do assistant route, how do u transition from being an assistant for about a year to doing it by yourself. I need part time income while I’m prospecting, because I have bills

  11. Hey Graham, I have recently been watching your videos. I really like your honesty and you don’t have this “guru” feel that’s trying to just get money from people. This makes me trust you and your vids more and I appreciate that.

    I do have a question:

    Is it realistic to do real estate as a way to supplement their main income(from doing 9-5 job) by doing it part time?

    As someone married and the main source of income for me and my wife, I have to stay employed. Yet I want other ways to supplement my income and became very interested in real estate by research and coming across your videos. So I am interested in starting real estate as a part time thing to supplement my income (maybe focus on doing apartment leases) for now rather than be my full on career immediately. I want to get my feet wet to see if I would consider real estate as a full time career in the future while having a supplement source of income with my main salary.

  12. The No.1 and the only qualification for a RE Agent is to TALK, yeah, like him. If you can talk a 3 minutes topic in 13 minutes without any resistance either from yourself or from you audience, you are going to be a good agent.
    The real stuff starts on 7:00,

  13. What brokerage are you with? I know you said there was a guy in bell air that took you under their wing. Was he on a team or something like that?

  14. Wow you're so inspiring. This exact video was the very FIRST video I have watched on anything related to Real Estate. I am 29 YEARS OLD and have no career or future to look forward to. I'm a Valet Attendant at a casino……. AND I STILL LIVE WITH MY DAD. =( I'm over it and something has to change.

    I thought a few months ago because of my stepmom trying real estate that maybe I could become somewhat successful. I watched Selling Sunset on Netflix, the whole first season in two days! Now, I know I'm not expecting those type of results at all lol. but then I watched your video and when you mentioned the 40 million dollar house I'm like oh I wonder if its the same one as the Oppenheim Group? Lol of course loving you and your video I went to your instagram and added you on Snapchat….and wow of course you are part of the Oppenheim group =) that's awesome and I'm so happy for you.

    All that excitement for a person I don't even know just for watching my first real estate video.
    I might try to do schooling and get into this Real Estate career, Im in Temecula, CA and i know there are many beautiful houses here I would love to experience for myself =)

    Keep it up 😉

  15. In the last 2 days I have watched 15+ videos all from your vid on the apple credit card haha. Im a senior in highschool and have been looking for careers. I recently took interest in real estate and after watching this I remembered that my aunt works in real estate! Immediately hit her up. I think this is the beginning to something amazing.

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