Estate Agents Tip: How to get your Real Estate License & Become a Real Estate Agent in CANADA

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Are you interested in becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent? This is how to get your real estate license and become a Realtor in Canada.

I take you through the simple, step by step process you need to follow in order to properly become a licensed Agent in a Canadian province.

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✅ More Information from the Canadian Real Estate Association
– Become A Realtor —

– Getting Your License —

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Mike Sherrard is a top Realtor / top real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta with Redline Real Estate Group, who specializes in luxury real estate and innovative real estate marketing strategies. He also owns a personal branding and marketing agency called Pivotal Hype, which helps both real estate agents and entrepreneurs grow their brand using social media, and ultimately become top of mind in their industry.

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22 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: How to get your Real Estate License & Become a Real Estate Agent in CANADA

  1. Great video. Best real estate channel. I subscribed to your channel. I’ve checked your video list and it doesn’t show the “how to choose the right brokerage”.

  2. Hello Mike,very useful and informative video.Thanks a lot.
    I have a question.I am a foreigner (Bangladeshi citizen and live there). Is it possible for a foreigner to join the courses and become a licensed real estate agent in Canada? Can you help me with some link where I can get some guidelines ?

  3. Hey Mike I live in Edmonton Alberta and just wanted to thank you for this important information, I have been looking for videos to give me a better understanding on how i can get my real-estate license but as you said it all just information for the USA on YouTube anyways thank you for the help.

  4. Hi Mike,
    your video is very easy to follow, very informative and fun to watch.
    I appreciate everything you shared and matter of fact, I learnt a lot from you.
    Just to confirm, I heard this from a real estate agent that you don't have to take courses in order to write the tests. He's been in the real estate field for more than 20 years and I understand his niche, but I want to know because it could've been different back then. Thanks again for your awesome video! I can't wait to hear back from you.

  5. Hi, Mike, Great Video! This is the first video I have ever found that really associated with real estate license in Canada. I am in Saskatoon and just passed Phase 1: Real Estate as a Professional Career exam. I am working on the Phase II course: Residential Real Estate as a Professional Caree. As mentioned in your video, there are three tests needed to take before registering in an agency. Besides tests for Phase I and Phase II, do I need to take another course and test to be eligible for becoming a real estate agent? Thank you in advance.

  6. Hey man I was thinking about getting my license and I didn’t know where to start, your videos have helped me tremendously with all the formalities, tricks and technicalities of the business and now I’m going to give it my all and go for it.

    I live in Ontario and your videos are a great way to know how things work up here and the way you’ve explained what you need to do and what it takes is really impressive, you’ve simplified everything and I can’t thank you enough for what you do!

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