Estate Agents Tip: HOW TO PROSPECT WITH CONFIDENCE – Real Estate Agents Overcoming Fear Of Cold Calling

HOW TO PROSPECT WITH CONFIDENCE – Real Estate Agents Overcoming Fear Of Cold Calling. Overcoming Call Reluctance. Borino’s Real Estate Success Tips For Agents

What is the difference between a regular real estate script most agents use for lead generation, cold calling, prospecting and follow up – and having a open conversation with a lead, a prospect, or a client? One leads to objections and rejection – the other a listing appointment – and a listing. It comes down to confident communication. If you as an agent are perceived as “high status” competent advisor who knows the market – you will attract more good clients as a result.
In this real estate coaching session, you will learn simple confidence, communication, and dialog conversation techniques that will improve how you communicate and interact with prospects and clients. Many agents feel at first nervous and insecure when they’re on the phone cold calling, prospecting, or meeting prospects in person. Nobody is born a natural salesman or a saleswoman. The fear so many agents feel at first is normal. Many agents have fear of cold calling and cold prospecting. The fact is, all successful real estate agents have one thing in common: they are excellent, confident communicators: how they communicate when they prospect, how they communicate during follow up, listing presentation, negotiations, any interactions with their clients.

You will see small changes in physiology that impact how confident you feel – and you’re being perceived. Your physiology impacts your psychology.
How you can use the 1% improvement approach to get better every day. Mastering confident communication (and becoming a successful realtor) requires a daily diligent practice. Why some agents who have hard time communicating clearly because they speak with an accent may be losing listings, business and commissions. How to analyze your communication and improve those elements that communicate fear, insecurity and low status, and how to build on your strengths – things you already say and do well.

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14 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: HOW TO PROSPECT WITH CONFIDENCE – Real Estate Agents Overcoming Fear Of Cold Calling

  1. I am so glad you made this video. I’ve had my license a month now. I worked in sales for the past 8 years, with no problems. Built some amazing relationships. Now that I am in real estate, I’ve noticed my clients don’t come to me like before but I need to go to them. I get excited and start and bam FREEZE. Your video has really allowed me to see this differently. Thank you

  2. Dear Borino, I'm a new agent that will be jumping in with both feet (and head) next week. I have been watching many coaches over the past few weeks trying to decipher what a new agent is up against…I discovered your channel today and for the first time in all my weeks of searching and worrying I feel truly inspired. You bring alot of dignity and value to how you direct and encourage high quality interaction for the real estate profession. And to Maka (I'm guessing she is from the Republic of Georgia) the country of my birth…I wish her much success and applaud her bravery & tenacity! Borino I believe we are all selling something when we are active in this world…it's refreshing that you are guiding agents to develop a natural non-salesman approach to this business…no scripts no bs! Learn the Market Nail the Price Excell at Communication and most of All Stay Human…and success will flow!!! Thank you Borino your like a friend not a "let's try to pump u up temporarily–bs Guru". AMAZING content and Coach

  3. I am a new Real estate agent and just about to do my first Cold Call. Just can't pick up the phone, so many things that bothers me, rejection, fear, etc… so I went to youtube to find some encouragement and I found this! I am also an immigrant and one of the insecurities is from that. Please keep encouraging us. You are an amazing mentor!

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