Estate Agents Tip: Inside Secrets of a Real Estate Agent

“You think the shark tank is brutal – wait till you see this,” said realty maven Barbara Corcoran.

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45 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Inside Secrets of a Real Estate Agent

  1. I've been a licensed realtor for 26 years now. Treat clients honestly and with integrity, and you too can have a career as opposed to only a few years of success with zero repeat business or referrals. You get back what you put out. Simple.

  2. Nearly all if the things displayed in this video would get you clapped by the real estate commission in Florida. They are pretty much all code of ethics violations and are enforced heavily

  3. NONSENSE!! I've been in the business for over 30 years. Every once in a while I run into THIS kind of 'agent' but it is NOT the norm. I don't do any of the unscrupulous things he does or treated colleagues like that. I wish they would cancel the show because it portrays the hundreds of thousands of extremely hard working professionals like myself in a terrible light. Hate the show and the 'fake' drama they create.

  4. Not one word was mentioned that Realtors have a code of ethics they are compelled to abide by, and that severe fines penalties enforced upon those who don't, all of which is coordinated and backed with by a secondary enforcement agency of each state.

    So, this video is a perfect example of what has been popularly labeled as "fake" news. It is largely false and misleading on the surface and unfairly paints the vast majority of thousands of hard working, true real estate professionals in false light (and thus it's libelous). The National Association of Realtors imposses a self-regulated disciplinary system upon itself, Article 1 of which states that agents must put the client's needs above their on at all times. Not one second of this poorly written and produced "news" video was devoted towards a true picture of the industry by simple covering the basic elements of the standards a Realtor actually lives by as regulated by the NAR.

    An explanation of this intentionally misleading video broadcast might lie in the ongoing attempts of the banking industry to hijack sales and marketing of real estate to become, to the detriment of all, a one-stop-shop for transactions involving real estate. Is there another reason the broadcaster would deliberately and intentionally butcher an intire industry but for the sole reason to ruthlessly deprive them of their livelihood from the honest and beneficial services they provide?

  5. This news is so misleading. It’s a cynical view of the real estate world. What she didn’t include was that each state has different laws and the agents are accountable in abiding by all laws set forth.

  6. I am not sure when they filmed this video clip, but as of now you have to disclose all of the information, otherwise the broker gets in trouble. Nobody with a dirty business mind survives for that long, and your reputation is everything you have.

  7. You can be sued on that whole termite thing (here in florida). If an agent knew or should have known about anything about material defects he/she is made liable. Now on the murder/death part, at least for Florida, that is incorrect. You do NOT have to tell them about deaths because it does not considered a material defect by law.

  8. do not buy a fixer upper property. chances are they're spending minimal money to cover up (rather than to fix) the underlying problem. the home inspector will not be able to see through the cover up. you're definitely not going to know what the underlying problem is until it's too late. // and never buy an auction property as they never let you see the inside. repairs can double the cost of purchase.

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  10. You can be a boss and buy a house that your selling so you can get the house and since your a boss you can get the money back. Without doing anything.

  11. So we have porn star and a lipstick-wearing, super suited up prima donnas running around flapping their big mouths and this is what people think makes a good agent. It's like saying Donald Trump never filed 6 Bunkruptcies and he showed us his Tax filings. Is is a TV lie.

  12. At least they were Honest! I always say it is better to hear sour Truth than sweet Lie!!! I am Real Estate Agent and have no "filter" so I will tell you the truth not to hurt your feelings, but to keep you safe. People, this business is not only about making money, but it is about helping people also!

  13. That is not true! Laws vary from state to state, Here in Florida we are NOT ALLOWED to say anything about the property that does not materially effect the property. We cannot say if someone was killed there, died there, or had HIV etc. Check your local laws!!!!!!!!!!

  14. So the real estate agent are the most scumb and they're not honest wow that is really scumb. I knew that the real estate agent is not honest people in the real estate agent.

  15. "I didn't know there were termites". That's why you get a termite report. This video is extremely misleading and a bad example. Look up everyones license you deal with so you know who you're dealing with. Some of these agents sound like they sell used cars.

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