Estate Agents Tip: Interview with my Real Estate Broker, Part 1

All real estate investors need an investor friendly broker or real estate agent. Most real estate agents don’t really know how to work with investors because we do things a litte different than an owner occupany buyer. Learn some of the things to look for when interviewing a broker to represent you as an investor. This broker will show you what things you need to learn in order to work with an agent successfully.

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22 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Interview with my Real Estate Broker, Part 1

  1. A broker is the actual agent for the client……… other words when a real estate agent gets a listing the agency relationship is with the broker or brokerage……….I say brokerage because a broker can work for another broker & be an associate broker …………the agency relationship again is with the brokerage firm & broker who heads the firm

  2. Thank you for sharing !
    I am currently planning to get my real estate license here in Georgia and I am totally new to this but willing and determined to be successful .
    Is there any mentoring for real estate?

  3. Thanks so much for the vids! I have been wanting to get into real estate for a longtime and debating on whether to become an agent, an investor, or maybe even both. Your channel has opened my eyes and gives me an idea of what I will be walking into. I don’t know why you decided to drop all of this free knowledge for us but may God bless you brother!

  4. this broker, in this video, you charge over 6 percent for your commission???? isn't the law set you Realtors and brokers' commission not higher then 6 percent?? alot of realtor agents charge only 3 percent

  5. Agents are for selling/sellers or "listing" K.H….and "retail buying"/retail buyers"..… (agent's are not for investors, agents are even slightly anti-investing, not because they have never made an investment but because agents just don't want to do paperwork. OMG, an investor signing a contract with an agent is game over…

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