Estate Agents Tip: My First Open House BY MYSELF (NEW REAL ESTATE AGENT)

I’m a real estate agent in the Nashville/Middle TN area. Email me for any real estate needs – [email protected]

My first open house by myself in Nashville, TN. And how I set up an open house.

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18 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: My First Open House BY MYSELF (NEW REAL ESTATE AGENT)

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  2. I bring water, Assorted small bags of chips in a bowl, and a small variety of candy on a pretty crystal dish. Even if they don’t take any I have something to offer them. And I package it all up in a bag bring the same stuff out again the next open house. It works great.!!

  3. Oh yes you are correct thanks you have a great point. If I think it’s going to be a busy home I will take a partner and if we get a client we will do transaction together and spit 50 50

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