Here is how my first year in real estate went, if anyone is considering a career in real estate I hope this help you out. I honestly thought I had everything figured out when I got into real estate and was going to be rich driving a Mercedes in no time. My first year was a success I made some money, met some great people but I did not fulfill my full potential. In this video I talk about some of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make and what I learned in my first of the business. I started at a young age and I used that to my advantage so if your young and interested in becoming a real estate agent this is the video for you.

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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: MY FIRST YEAR AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT(21 YEARS OLD)

  1. Hey there! Nice video! But curious!
    Being so new and your first few sales. What exactly did you do to get those homes sold less the 30 days other then luck of an agent bringing you a buyer!?

  2. Hey Aram, I'm looking to get into the sales industry but am between a rock and stick as to deciding where I would like to Avenue towards. I'm thinking either car sales or real estate. Besides the obvious fact of the difference being a car sale versus selling a house is there one that you would lean towards supposed to the other and for what reason?

  3. So you were 21 when you first started? I’m starting right after High School at age 18 but I might wait until I’m 19. I don’t expect to sale many houses in that time since I’d still be very young but I do hope that when I get closer to twenty that I’ll start to get people who’ll trust me with selling there house. Do you have any suggestions for a really young real estate? Will they fire me for not getting any sales because of my age?

  4. Hey so i went through this as well when i was younger and I had to learn the hard way. Although i was able to find tools that helped me do over $1,000,000 in sales my first year and I was really young too. As of now I use to find all my off market seller listings. I only pay $97/month for it but it literally is the source of all my listings.

  5. You are the man. Thank you for showing how vulnerable you were in your first year. Being transparent and telling us what it's like is great for me because I just started this month also. THANK YOU!

  6. Hi Aram, my name is Jessica. I'm a new real estate agent and I'm a little frustrating because like you said it's a zero training.
    So, which course did you do? Also which books did you read?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  7. Good on you brother ! Just started off myself second week in. I'm from Sydney (Australia) and as a first year you really can't sell a house on your own hahah. Normally a licensed agent would have to purchase the house upon your own accord. All the best with that !

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