Estate Agents Tip: New Agent Advice from 12 Top Real Estate Agents

12 top real estate agents share their words of advice to new agents. These 12 top agents averaged 373 homes sold per year with an average sales volume of $54 million. Each agent answers the question, “If you were to advise a brand new agent just getting into the business, what would you tell them to do first?” This advice could prove more valuable than improper real estate training or real estate coaching.

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20 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: New Agent Advice from 12 Top Real Estate Agents

  1. In my first year and am doing 8 open houses every weekend. I currently have 6 active listings and started in August of 18’. Generating approx 2-5 buyers per weekend. Previewing ATLEAST 5 homes every week, and am doing it full time because my mentor is sponsoring me by letting me do part time office keep up work so I can pay my bills, at the same time I’m receiving mentor ship. I truly love my job and I may not get a listing a day or even a sale a week, but I can tell you that I’m learning huge lessons every single day.

  2. Finally something positive. I’m looking to get in the business because I enjoy helping people, and all the beginner videos I’ve found just list off things to scare everyone off

  3. hold up… carin nguyen closed 896 transactions for a total of $78m… that's 86,000 per transaction based on 6% commission… even if she's paying 50% co-broker split that's still only $234k avg

  4. awesome!! great video great comments. thank you. you changed everything for the better. good to know there is good people out there. thank you so much

  5. Great information. I am fresh to being a Realtor and I plan to be successful and advice from the best will provide my foundation. I hope to find a good coach and great mentors.

  6. #Tammy Laplante As agents who are headed into our third year we closed 26 transactions last year and are shooting for 42 this year in a smaller market in Southern Maryland. We get 2/3 of our business from Facebook totaling 9 million in volume in the past 12 months alone. For anyone who is well connected within their community we think its a great place to connect. We run a referral business and find it to be much more rewarding than buying leads or any cold market business which we do as well.

    My advice is even though we didnt do it, I would tell you to join a team or find a brokerage who can give you leads with a referral fee attached so you can get experience. From there work harder, smarter, longer, faster and just better in every way than the best agent you can think of. Excellence must be the driving force and you have to take control of the business, if you cant do that join a team until you can. @Mona Greens Apartments

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