Estate Agents Tip: New Real Estate Agent Struggles, What You Need To Know! : GSD Mode Interview w/ Nick Ahrens

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Realtor Nick Ahrens joins the show! Nick is part of The Reed Team, the #1 Top Reviewed Real Estate Team in Orange County, and he is also one of the TOP Orange County Real Estate Agents! Joshua and Nick discuss Nick’s journey to the top of his real estate market, with a heavy focus on being a NEW agent. We all know the struggles that come with getting into the real estate industry, but with Nick’s tips it will make it as smooth a transition as ever for somebody looking to dive in head first! Check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
3:00 – Journey into real estate
6:00 – Deciding to go Full-Time with real estate
11:00 – Learning how to Cold-Call
14:30 – What is your social media strategy?
21:00 – Social Media Tips for Agents!
28:00 – Being TERRIFIED of cold-calling
35:00 – Always being 100% in control of your emotions
40:00 – Work harder than everyone else and it will benefit you
42:00 – Real estate is the EASIEST business in the world
47:00 – Why did you decide to join a team instead of being a solo agent?
53:20 – How do you provide coaching for your team?
56:00 – What are your major lead sources?
58:00 – Two pieces of advice Nick would give his younger self to speed up his success


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3 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: New Real Estate Agent Struggles, What You Need To Know! : GSD Mode Interview w/ Nick Ahrens

  1. Great show, as always. I can not recommend the book “Rejection Proof” enough. I think and use it everyday to remind myself that we all deal with fears and the no’s in all areas of life…and we’ve survived every rejection we’ve encountered so far.! REJECTION IS JUST AN OPINION AMD ACCEPTANCE IS MOT A VALIDATION. I remind myself all the time that we are all humans with the same feelings, fears and joys in life. We’re all in this thing called life together and we each control our thoughts, how we respond and navigate through it all. Period. Just keep learning from our wins, and when we don’t, and keep using the experiences to keep becoming our better selves and to improve how we handle situations in the future (whether prospecting clients, personal relationships, etc) I couldn’t agree more that there is no perfect script to have for clients, prospects, friends, etc. know your objective of the conversations and be genuinely curious about others, wanting to contribute to helping others, and be our authentic selves at all times. Doing that (plus putting in the work and effort) will take us so far in every aspect of our life. I’m an agent 2 years in now and still massively learning to get better and improve on all of this myself! As you always say “Information without implementation is just the start of delusion!” I love that! Thank you for putting out these shows with great content and guests!

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