Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Agent Marketing: Scripts & Role-Play For Calls That Generate the BEST Leads

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“It’s not about the words, it’s about how you say them.” In our latest edition we role-play through the best types of calls to generate leads, including Jeff’s favorite source for his BEST leads.

3 Takeaways:

1. Don’t worry about the best times to call – timeblock for when you’ll make the calls

2. You’re a cool person to your clients – they want to hear from you and are usually happy to refer you business IF you ask

3. Don’t waste your time trying to convince stubborn Expired’s and FSBO’s – there’s plenty of nice prospects – keep making calls till you find them

Before you make calls, your mindset and mental state is critical. So critical that you’re better off rescheduling your prospecting time if you’re in a poor mental state. Think about the experience your prospect is having and keep in mind they could be having a bad day, so don’t let that discourage you or keep you from making calls.

The best types of cold calls for lead generation (in order of quality) are Expired, Just Listed/Just Sold, Market Update and FSBO’s. The difference between Expired and FSBO calls are that FSBO’s have already decided they don’t see the value in a listing agent, Expired’s at least recognize that value.

We also role-play through Current Client calls, which are Jeff’s favorite type of call and an agent’s BEST source of leads. For current clients, their entire world is real estate – they think about ir, talk about it and live it 24/7. So they know at least one person looking to make a move, and Current Client calls are they key to uncovering that potential referral.

Show Highlights:

1:35 Mindset for making calls and thinking about the experience the prospect is having when they receive your call
4:15 Why you should reschedule your prospecting session if you’re in a poor mental state – Why the best time to prospect is when you’ll do it
6:35 Adjusting your phrasing to the prospect’s DISC profile
8:15 Expired Role-Play
15:04 Role-Play breakdown – Why you shouldn’t be nervous about getting the worst-case scenario Expired call – just hang up and move on
17:40 Just Listed Role-Play
21:00 Role-Play breakdown – Why you can call an anyone else’s listings and why your priority is to add contacts to your email alerts
24:25 Market Update Role-Play w/breakdown
30:49 Why Jeff doesn’t like FSBO’s
32:05 FSBO Role-Play
39:06 FSBO Role-Play breakdown – owning the fact that you don’t have a specific buyer – explaining Pocket Listings
41:27 Why you shouldn’t try to sell a FSBO on the value of listing with an agent – focus on the value you can bring that they can’t – buyers
43:06 Why current clients are the BEST place to find leads
46:30 Current Client Role-Play breakdown – Your current clients want to hear from you – How to start the call by explaining you have your business building hat on

So if you’re looking for the best source of leads, look at your current clients first, then past clients and sphere of influence. Do everything you can to stay in touch with them, bring value and train them to send you business. Then look at the different types of cold calls and choose the ones that work the best for you.

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  1. It's funny, most agents would say he talks to much, and doesn't ask enough questions. But I've found people who you don't have rapport with get annoyed faster with random questions that to listen to what you have to say.

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