Estate Agents Tip: Real estate agents breaking the rules: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

With bidding wars for houses cloaked in secrecy, how do you know your real estate deal wasn’t already rigged?
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40 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real estate agents breaking the rules: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

  1. Goes to an auction in Melbourne, Victoria and then goes and talks to New South Wales government; two different states Canada unless real estate is a federal matter in Australia

  2. And this little expose' doesn't even get into the part about collusion between realtors and Home Inspectors. That's where it really, really gets bad. Go to a Realty companies yearly awards dinner and see how many inspection companies have "bought" a booth there or paid big money to "be in the book" of supporters… I've had realty office managers tell me their agents are not allowed to refer and Home Inspector that isn't in their book.

  3. Don't allow double ending in your real estate contract in Canada. And hold the time to take bids to be open long enough to get a good price. Real estate agents, selling their own properties, keep the selling interval open 1.5 times as long as regular seller's.
    In California real estate brokers and agents are very reluctant to represent both sides. There's a very real fear of lawsuits. Here's the breakdown in California…seller's broker gets 1/4 seller's agent gets 1/4 buyer's agent gets 1/4 buyer's broker gets 1/4. If an agent double ends there getting 4/4 of the entire fee. You are paying because, with that kind of an incentive, the agent is going to bring in their own client. This happens with my sisters house in Seattle, Washington 14 years ago. The agent didn't list the house expeditiously. Then they made it very difficult for people to see the house or make a bid on the house. They brought in their own client. They used their influence to terrorized the trustee into selling to their client quickly. The trustee had nothing to gain from a better price, she was not an heir.
    I also wonder that the television program goes so easily in the legislature. Is the television there government funded?

  4. Wow, Marie France Lalonde you could at least pretend like you care about your governmental responsibilities instead of just looking like another crooked Liberal.

  5. The agents in Cheyenne Wy were lying and hiding good properties for locals. We were out of state and they pulled every nasty game in the book. I will not use a realtor in my next purchase in this town.

  6. While I agree something should be done to regulate the process and penalize the lawbreakers I am shocked that a grown "male-identifying type person" will go on TV and then cry about a house. I understand being upset BUT do that in private not on national TV. The rise of the beta male saddens me more than people cheating to make money. Buyers beware.

  7. I met the buyer of my home after I had purchased the house. They were having an open house Sunday, so I ran to my agent, made a direct bid on Friday, two days before the open house. There agent didn't let them know I had made the offer exactly for the price they wanted. Instead, the agent proceeds to have the open house. The agent was trying to start a bidding war. Luckily, when I offered 1K more, it stopped there. Then the drama started. They had to tear down one of the rooms because a room the house had for over 10 years was not permitted, and was not up to code. Turns out, the person I bid over got furious because the sellers "agent" told them they would "work" with them to get the house. My agent made it a point to notify the seller "not the sellers agent" that I had made the highest offer, which in turn, enraged my competition and they called the city inspector as a result. I still bought the house "recreated the room 😉 ", met the seller, and he gave the agent a 1 star! My agent told me there agent was playing dirty, and he would make sure the sellers knew what was going on. This forced me to learn how to frame, drywall, and do electric up to code as well as get a real estate license. These fkrs, NOT ALL, are worse than car sales men, because they actually fk over two people at the same time! The seller got lucky with me being a handy man, if not, he would have lost out on both offers!

  8. For all we know the guy that lost the house over the 30,000 dollar difference was contingent upon selling his house that probably wasnt on the market. Also, the other terms of his offer may have sucked. There is so much more than price involved.

  9. Theyre not giving names? Because other people do it also? Well that guarantees it will continue. Word gets out that the
    cheating, lying is over and it slows to a trickle anyway. This show is weird. Ive seen them catch things and then just let it go.

  10. The real estate board knows this already…and how many of these people ever get in trouble,besides the small fines which are a joke.Many of these agents are top sellers. and friends with the board.
    I lost a property the same way.

  11. Buying a home is scary. You don’t know WHAT the other bids are – only what the realtor says they are – the higher the amount is pushed up, the more money is their commission.

  12. Wow, beautiful smart Australians! Wonder what would happen if people here just hire a really good own auctioneer and finished the deal themselves with a real estate lawyer – very much cheaper!

  13. I am a buyers agent in the Bay Area of San Francisco..its hard here…if Brokers are making money they are ripping off their agents and using them to go out and get leads and make their website responses accessible to them only not the agents..its brutal. They then get pissed if you get your own website and stop helping you . I am honest and open and would never even think of some of the stuff these guys think up…its pure corruption. California has very strict laws on this its harder here but I can tell you other tricks they use and try to abuse agents much more. Its getting worse. I am so careful and never get involved with other agents as they are all desperate and will be easily fooled. Its almost impossible here to get away with that on the video.

  14. Commission should be paid by the buyer. They are the one that is taking up all of the time of the agent. When I sold my house I had about 30 agents in with buyers. Not once did my agent show my house. When I bought, I bought privately. Sooooooooo incredibly simple. allows you to see inside homes and neighbourhoods all while sitting on your sofa. If you see something you like simply make an appointment to view. If interested negotiate a price upon inspection. Hire and inspector. Hire a lawyer and Bob's your uncle as they say.

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