Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Exam Vocabulary worksheet

I take the time to go though the Real Estate exam Vocabulary worksheet that is available at
Leave comments if you thing I left some words out, or some words can be defined better.
I prefer you fill it yourself rather then have a prewritten sheet because the activity of writing things in helps you retain the information. In this video I show some things that I wrote in to help some students remember key vocabulary that you need to know to pass the real estate exam.
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41 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Exam Vocabulary worksheet

  1. Just passed the Texas Real Estate Exam. Prep Agent you are a God send. The last two weeks of studying watching your videos doing the prep questions daily gave me the confidence to go in knowing I had already passed. The questions on the exam were so clear knowing the vocabulary was key! I completed the exam so quick with ease before I knew it I had completed it, I was amazed! Thank you Joe I am forever great full, you are an amazing teacher! Keep doing what your doing……..Highly recommend!!!!

  2. I am so use to taking the difficult approach to things that I found it odd to accept how easy your tools make it for me to learn…

    for example….I spent the last two evenings writing in my own long and drawn out definitions (taken from my book) for each of these words on my vocabulary worksheet….this morning I see this video on my notifications and see how you not only provided what I needed but you made each definition short and easy to understand


    I’ve already signed up for your service …your teaching method is fantastic and I feel a sense of relief knowing I have so much on my corner now

  3. Took my national and state exam today, I passed my national exam! Joe thank you so much. I stumbled on your videos yesterday and watched about 4 videos last night and on the way to my test this morning! I felt confident with the way you explained! I failed my state by one question but didn’t study on state. I had all my focus on national.

  4. Joe I just want you to know you were a God send to me!! I didn’t have the money to pay for your course but I watched your videos religiously and today…. I passed first time!!! Thank you!!! You will never know how much you helped me. I will shout it from the the mountain top!!! You’re the guy to go to!

  5. Anybody can see this comment I know that everybody has logged into his website and enroll in this program but at this moment I am not financially stable. If someone can please just email ( [email protected]) me a clean version of his vocabulary worksheet already filled out and help me a lot. Time are hard

  6. Thank you Joe,
    I passed my real estate test with the help of your course. It was easy to understand and learn to my vocabulary. Everyone was pushing me to take a class room prep course before my exam. I discover you on the web and listen to your course over and over and it worked. Because of you I now have my license in the state of Texas. Please keep up the good work.

  7. Hey Joe! Thanks for your videos! You skipped some of the terms even though they are displayed on the screen, like Grant Deed and Short Rate… did you skip them because they are broker terms and not sales associate terms?

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