Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Vocabulary

Kris Krohn is here to explain some of the real estate terminology that you’re maybe wondering about like, equity or land lord or mortgage and a few other things. Let’s understand what these terms really mean. Stay tuned, this is real estate 101 on language.

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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35 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Vocabulary

  1. As long as you have enough for down payments, can you begin "buying" multiple homes, renting them out to tenants, making their rent higher than the mortgage to receive profit, and have that as passive income?

  2. i want to get more info on real estate and simply typed in my youtube search bar, "real estate 101" and i saw this video. It was short, simple, informative, and It kept me interested and wanting to learn more. thank you sir, i have subscribed and am looking forward to digging more into to your videos and learning.

  3. Also one more thing, why wouldn't you list it for what it's valued at? 220k, then the buyer beats it down to 200k, then you accept $210k Under Contract? Then you get 55k ka-ching! Lol

  4. By your definition of Equity, would it be correct if I say "I own 22.5% of the house" at the moment it was purchased? Equity has always been confusing to me, so one way I understand it is to say "I own x% of the house".

  5. Great video, I had a question that may have already been asked somewhere deep in these comments. Does renting out or flipping your house/land affect your equity? If so, how exactly? I understand the basic terminology of the word but I can't quite grasp the concept of how equity plays out in real terms over the long run. Thank you for any insight, question is also open to anyone who may see this and has the knowledge.

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