Estate Agents Tip: Starting Out As A Real-Estate Agent (First 30 Days)

Starting out as a real-estate agent! First getting started out in real-estate and your first 30 days as a real-estate agent can be fun actually. It’s comparable to the first few months in a relationship. Everything is new, exciting, and you likely haven’t experienced any major setbacks. Here are my tips on what to do your first month in real-estate:

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When you first begin you should focus on nothing else, but generating leads. Call these prospects:

Absentee owners
High equity owners
Cancelled listing

2. Let friends/family know via social media, texting, etc that you’re an agent!

Friends and family will likely be your first source of business in real-estate. Make sure that people are aware that you can help them with their real-estate needs! Social media can be a great way of letting people know that you’re in the business!

Update your post on Facebook, take a picture of yourself on instagram, Snapchat a story, etc.
Text all your friends and see what they’re up to. Ask if they’ve thought about buying.’
Send out postcards to older relatives

3. Start building your social media accounts and start releasing content.

Besides just updating your social media profiles, you want to start releasing content that people can utilize:

Start a local vlogging channel and Youtube yourself at different local areas.
Blog about the best places to visit or different beaches
Start a relocation blog
Facebook live yourself talking about the local real-estate market
Post your blog and Youtube videos on Facebook

4. Find a home builder who will let you sit inside the model home on-site

New construction can be a great way to get started in real-estate:

You don’t have to actively work to get leads. They just walk in.
While working inside the model, you can get other work done and cold-call
People buying new construction often need to sell their other home!
After a while, you will begin to notice what buyers want in a home and the variety of different taste people have!

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13 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Starting Out As A Real-Estate Agent (First 30 Days)

  1. WOW! Great video man! I'm 18, about to start real estate school. I've watched so many videos and this one was straight to the point. Short and simple, I'm so glad you didn't talk for 5 minutes about pointless stuff, filler, and story telling like everyone else. Subscribed

  2. Awesome information. I'm looking to join the real estate career soon and your videos are really helping me get a better understanding of what it's all about. Thank you!

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