Estate Agents Tip: Taxes For Real Estate Agents


As a full time real estate agent, how do I handle each commission check? Do I operate under an LLC? How much do I put back for taxes?

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Ricky Carruth is a real estate agent, speaker, author and real estate coach. He started selling real estate at 20 years old in 2002, became a self-made millionaire by 23 and bankrupt by 25. During that time, he read over 100 books searching for the reason he lost it all. After realizing the problem he started building his business the right way by valuing relationships over transactions. Since then, he hit #1 for RE/MAX in Alabama twice selling over 100 properties a year since 2014. Ricky still sells full time and started real estate coaching agents for free in 2017. He mission is to share what he learned from his downfall in hopes to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry.

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21 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Taxes For Real Estate Agents

  1. Hey Ricky id love to pick your brain on this man I've been breaking my heads to figure this out, everyone keeps telling me its preference. Id like to ask you a few questions. whats the best way to reach out to you. thanks in advance

  2. I'm finally earning income at the end of my first year (similar to your 1st year) and now I've been very interested in the tax side of it all. I'm like you it's sort of a foreign language to me, but my mom is a CPA and has ran her own accounting firm for more than 30 years so that can't hurt lol. I need to sit down with her asap. I will show her this video. Thanks for this video man.

  3. you mean you have these as S Corps not LLC's correct? Also would you mind sharing how much you pay for your corporate returns as well as the quarterly filings?

  4. Is it true that if you just donate a large percentage of your income to charity that you don’t have to pay taxes or you pay WAY less due to the fact that you’re charitable contributions are lowering your tax liability? So instead of paying $300k to IRS, you could pay $10k and donate $290k to charity.

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