Estate Agents Tip: The 30 Second Elevator Pitch for Real Estate Agents

In real estate as in other sales positions, the 30 Second Elevator Pitch can be an awesome tool. For information about HomeXpress Realty in Tampa, FL or to hear or Elevator Pitch, give us a call or click our link. 813-541-5427

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5 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: The 30 Second Elevator Pitch for Real Estate Agents

  1. Greetings Dave,
    This "video" would have been 10 times more effective if you had been in the video and given us your pitch! One of the worst things any presenter can ever do is read from slides. Offer your viewers a way to get your slides (follow-up) and you energetically present your views so we can see how it is done. Your voice seemed so subdued at times, I wasn't sure if I could continue listening.
    If you want to take your presentations skills to the next level, contact me right away!

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