Estate Agents Tip: The BEST Real Estate Company For MOST Real Estate Agents

The BEST Real Estate Company For MOST Real Estate Agents. This question does not have a one size fits all answer. Many factors come into play, and each individual will have different wants and needs. Facts state that with most companies and brokerages you will get very little support and training, which most agents, especially new agents, desperately need. I joined eXp realty for a few reasons, and I outline them in this video.


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33 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: The BEST Real Estate Company For MOST Real Estate Agents

  1. My goals is helping other people such as buyers, sellers, investors, and realtors on my way to success. Closing 12 deals due to the knowledge, training and tool available of course I am learning it within 3 months. We have zoom for invited only guests to hear everything and get all questions answer every Wednesday and Sunday night. Great information thank you for sharing

  2. Hi Bryan! I love your videos, very informative. I just passed my Florida real estate exam on the first try this past Saturday. I’ve watched all your videos to get direction on what to do next. I’m interested in exp but me being in Florida would you still be able to be my a sponsor?

  3. Exactly. I have my own office and I never felt comfortable in their office, that's why I never want to attend their training. Why you should take the training that doesn't bring you improvement​.

  4. Hey Bryan, I own a small Brokerage in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Considering partnering with EXP and closing the brokerage but keeping my office space open for my EXP team. Doing some research and I didn't realize you switched over. I cant find too many negatives and open door reviews are great. Wondering how the Team process would work?
    Glad I came across your video! Any insight on Team and EXP would be helpful.
    Cheers from Canada!

  5. HEY BRYAN, I am interested in this company, I have one questions how well do they teach filling out paperwork correctly at EXP?? I am newly licensed “3 months” and just left a kw because I did not resonate with it

    I am confident in my ability to obtain and close business however I am just concerned about the paperwork

  6. Hi Brian, thanks for the video! I joined C21 few weeks ago but want to switch over to your team. I should be taking the test very soon. Still waiting for the mail from BRE, the application process is taking forever! C21 will be upset?! since i just joined them only few weeks ago. but haven't done any prospecting yet as waiting for licensing. I really need income fast. I have the expert agent at home (my husband) and has the RE knowledge but he has no clue what it takes to get a lead and the prospecting steps, but he knows the process from a listing to closing so forth. So he can give me that kind of knowledge, but i really need help with the whole prospecting ordeal and get going fast. need help getting started on that part of the business. I am seriously thinking of joining ExP. Really love your videos! Thanks again!!!

  7. Hi Bryan! I am interviewing with a team at EXP on this Friday and very excited, however, I'm on the east coast. Can I still list you as a sponsor? You're the reason I even looked them up.

  8. Hey Bryan could you break down how REAs gets paid? Like stuff like who pays who? Buyer, seller stuff and which side is best to be on (buyer or seller) and how the commission is split? Please.

  9. Hey Brian. I love the channel man. You are my favorite YouTuber and real estate agent. You are true and awesome to everyone!! Quick question can you sell local companies other than just homes and receive a common? Let’s say a 20 million dollar company wants to sell. Can you step foot and try and sell for a commission as a real estate agent?

  10. Real estate is becoming a dying career. In the past week THREE realtors knocked my door. They are literally starving pounding on doors to try and eat. Learn a skill that’s takes a decade to build not six weeks. The goal should be to open your open brokerage (if u want to be In this saturated career) in 2 yrs depending on ur state. It’s like opening a hamburger stand next to Wendy’s McDonald and Burger King. Sure u can make it but get ready work ur ass off

  11. Great video man! I'm getting ready to take my CA test next month and I have been looking into what broker would best work for me. I also follow AJ Mida, who has nothing but good things to say about EXP so it raised my curiosity and after looking into them a bit more they are a top contender!

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