Estate Agents Tip: Tips On Talking To Real Estate Agents

Talking to real estate agents can be hard. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your conversations with real estate agents to give you the advantage and save you thousands.

Ryan: When it comes to investing in property, something that people often get nervous about is talking to real estate agents and negotiating with real estate agents in order to get the best deal.

So today I have with me Ben Everingham from Pumped On Property, my buyer’s agent of choice and good friend to talk about how to talk to real estate agents, how to identify the best opportunities and best agents to work with so that you guys can go into this quite confidently.

So hey Ben, thanks for coming on today.

Ben: Good day Ryan, thanks for having me man. I’m just loving what’s happening in your background by the way. Like for anyone that’s listening to this on the podcast, Ryan is doing this wicked trip around Oz right now and I’m just watching cars going past, people running past with dogs, kids skating past, it’s just sick.


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