Estate Agents Tip: What Real Estate Agents Need to Start Their Career

Real Estate Career, What you need to start a real estate career. Listen as Susan Milner explains the most important items a real estate agent needs to be successful in their real estate business.

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11 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: What Real Estate Agents Need to Start Their Career

  1. Thanks susan for your Real estate Tips/Tutorial. I'll do the important items but i find it difficult getting clients . I'll definitely put this to practice but I'm using a professional Graphic designer now for my company LOGO, business cards and more. Found him in one of those freelancing site, she's been amazing for me is her profile link, you can check her out

    She's Really Good

  2. Very true on outfits. All agents need them. Kind of agree on having local area code, even tho there are many agents who keep their old area codes. Clients can just start asking and questions in their heads of your knowledge of the local area. They may not say that, but they may consciously or unconsciously think that. True about email addresses. Generally very good video, covering all the basics needed with explanations and more. 10/10

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