Estate Agents Tip: What Should a New Agent Be Doing? | #JaredJamesToday| 001

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31 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: What Should a New Agent Be Doing? | #JaredJamesToday| 001

  1. Finally passed my exam after 4 tries, paid my dues, set up my accounts, did my first showing and getting cards and signs done this week. Husband told me to start with episode 1 and watch them all! So now I'm binge watching Jared James Today show 🙂 This video has me even more psyched! lol

  2. I have a theory why so many agents skip around to different brokers so much. They are looking for valid training. (Especially newbies.) Good training is a scarce as hen's teeth! Just like you say, brokers are not (usually) good trainers. I wish I had this 3 years ago. I'm sure you've heard this a hundred (maybe a thousand times). OK… so I didn't hear it 3 years ago. I'm hearing it NOW and since I'm not dead yet there's still opportunity to get good at this. I have talent, sure. Now I'm going to get skilled. Starting from Vid One. Game on. Will listen to every. single. last. one. AND implement! Crazy happy my manager recommended you!

  3. Currently waiting on the processing before I take final exam, in process of narrowing down my brokerage, I am a confident in new business start up but my question is, how should I approach the market being a new agent who is also six months new to the state?

  4. Thank you so much for this valuable free video. I am still in my classes, and then the state exam. I know it's going to be a lot of work the first couple years out there. I look forward to watching your videos and maybe more. I hope my real estate career is more than just about money. If I can find love and passion for this field, then I will have a chance at success!

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