Estate Agents Tip: Why Most Real Estate Agents FAIL! with Ricky Carruth

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Here is why most real estate agents fail with Ricky Carruth.

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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Why Most Real Estate Agents FAIL! with Ricky Carruth

  1. Great interview man. Now I see why people say sales is like the training ground for entrepreneurs. Rn at my current sales job the goal is 80-100 doors a day. If I put the same effort/skill into real estate I bet I will succeed as long as I stick with it and have enough funds for the dry times.

  2. Hey Bryan will you try Ricky’s script with your team? I’ve been following your channel since you first started and I know you use some of the old school scripts and stuff which work and is great to watch you and the team close people but could you maybe do a test run with Ricky’s scripts and do a video on it. Thanks for the videos

  3. Hi Bryan!! Thank you so much for your videos. They are super helpful! I'm 25 and I come from Costa Rica, I moved to NYC about a year and a half ago and lately I've been thinking about starting a career in real estate, I just wonder if being English not my first language would affect in any way? I know NY real estate is very competitive, I wonder if I shouldn't pursue this path because I would be in disadvantage?

  4. True story today my broker said she isn’t responsible for training or coaching and that she’ll only be available for mentoring when a deal is on the table otherwise it’s all on us. Do NEW agents fail because of lack of training? And what type of training do new agents need?

  5. I don't do cold calls because I too hate being bothered by telemarketers or real estate agents… if I'm ready to buy or sell a home, I'll call when I'm ready, I don't want other people helping me to reach that decision because it's a very important matter to me… plus, I'm really shy too. I only "cold" call when I get a lead, it usually comes as a text or an email with an address of the property, then at least I have something to say as the reason for my call; like for example, "Hello Mr. Buyer, this is Maria DeArman with Coldwell Banker. I see that you're interested in 1234 Main Street, would you like to see it? Do you have an agent working with you?" I know then, after receiving leads, that the buyer or seller is expecting a call and is ready to take action and is more receptive to my call. I do a lot of weekly networking to make up with not doing cold calls, whether with family or friends.

  6. I really love this , great job to both of you for doing this for us that are trying to make in this business , 2 of my favor coaches here in YouTube , thank you.

  7. Holy shit.. this is how I have been getting most of my leads. Im in the beginning of year 2 of being a realtor. I just started picking neighborhoods and calling ppl. Thanks for making this vid bryan

  8. I completely agree with you Ricky! It's about building a relationship these days. High pressure coaching is a tired coaching package. You need to make people get the fuzz. When you actually care, people will get that fuzz and they ACTUALLY know, like and trust you.

    Awesome insights!

  9. His experience truly shows that it is experience that we must have to be able to succeed. I loved how Ricky also expanded on caring and asking a client about buying and selling a home and going a bit more indirect instead of what they did back then. He definitely has built a brand within himself and that has paved his road of success.

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