Estate Agents Tip: Why Real Estate Agents Fail

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Ricky Carruth is a real estate agent, speaker, author and real estate coach. He started selling real estate at 20 years old in 2002, became a self-made millionaire by 23 and bankrupt by 25. During that time, he read over 100 books searching for the reason he lost it all. After realizing the problem he started building his business the right way by valuing relationships over transactions. Since then, he hit #1 for RE/MAX in Alabama twice selling over 100 properties a year since 2014. Ricky still sells full time and started real estate coaching agents for free in 2017. He mission is to share what he learned from his downfall in hopes to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry.

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19 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Why Real Estate Agents Fail

  1. Hey Ricky. How do you stay focused on the relationships instead of the transaction and keep your heart in the right place, to help others, when you are so broke and frustrated and scared to fail?

  2. I believe most real estate agents fail because they don't commit. I'll be honest, that's a struggle for me. I have no plans on committing to the dream of being a top agent. However, the struggle comes when trying to commit to daily duties. When you daily duties break down, the dream breaks down eventually.

  3. I think that most agents are just lazy they want the business to come to them. They send some mailers out pass out business cards and wait for sellers to call. They don't want to make the calls that you have to do to get new business. I know very few agents that will make cold calls. I was one of them. Thanks to watching Rickys videos i now make time to hit the phone too or three times a week its changing my business for sure. Thanks Ricky for sharing your knowledge

  4. Thanks again for the reminder Relationships over Transactions. I have seen this develop in the limited time I've been an agent..
    Those who push, seem to disappear. Those who grow relationships grow business too

  5. Hi Ricky, you will be getting $75 credit from Constant Contact, as their thanks for referring me. You have my thanks too, since the mind set you teach have helped me get my first listing yesterday. Keep up the good work man !

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