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how much does it cost to hire someone to build a website

Are you contemplating taking your business to a higher level and attracting more clients? Do you know the various costs which are associated with website development? Worry no more. This article aims to help you to estimate the average costs that you need to take in building a website.

Whether you run a business online or offline, building a website for it is very crucial for your success in the current global world which is highly interconnected. When it comes to website development and launching, there are different costs that one must be aware of and this should help you to make informed decisions when sourcing the right vendors to help you put up a website for your business.

The costs for setting up a website are one time high and later on, you will only need maintenance expenses which are quite low. The exact cost of developing a website depends on the complexity of the website you need.



Design and development costs

There are different factors which affect the price for your website and including the following:

Custom site design.
Page Volume
Custom programming
Content creation
Amount of design revisions
Custom images and graphics of your websites.

The cost of developing a website can be approximated to be between $100 to $20,000 depending on the complexity of your site. A summary of the costs include:

Website hosting which cost between $5 – $35 monthly depending on your provider
A domain name which ranges from $10-$12 annually
SSL certificate which goes at $10-$200 per year depending on the quality of your websites
Developing a website theme which ranges from $100-$150 based on the vendor you choose to it and the available premium themes. Theming your website is key as it helps you to make it more attractive for clients who frequently visit it.
Premium plugins. $100-$200. Paying for premiums plugins especially if you are creating for business purposes.



Maintenance cost

After paying for one tome expenses that are incurred when setting up the websites for the first time, do not be ignorant of maintenance costs that you need to take into consideration for the efficient running of your website. To keep your website running throughout, you need to make a considerable investment of your time and money in it throughout. You need frequent content on it which if you are busy, probably you will get a freelancer to the work on your behalf.

In regard to technicalities of the website, you will frequently need to undertake systems maintenance to promptly install all updates and other security patches to WordPress on your provider’s plugins to boost your site’s security from frequent hacks.

Maintenance costs for your website may vary greatly based on the type of vendor you choose to handle it on your behalf. In case you are IT savvy, then you probably will be advantageous because you will reduce some expenses by doing the system upgraded by yourself.

The major additional costs that you need to be keen on include annual fee for hosting and you yearly licensing fees