SEO And Website Design Tip: 9 Top Plugins 2018 For WordPress – Must-Have Plugins For WordPress

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9 Top Plugins 2018 For WordPress – Must-Have Plugins For WordPress

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These are the 9 top WordPress plugins 2018 in my humble opinion. Chances are you already use some of them and others may be completely new to you. Either way, I encourage you to check out these must-have WordPress plugins 2018.

One of the reasons that WordPress is so popular is the active developer community.

New plugins come on the scene every week. Some of them never gain any traction and others become superstars seemingly over night.

My list of top plugins for 2018 includes some oldies that are tried and true.

As well as some newcomers that add cutting-edge technology to your site.

I’ve also created walkthroughs of nearly all of the plugins in my list.

So if you want to try one of them you can see what it does and how to set it up before you dive in.

Find out what my top 9 picks are in this video:

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21 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: 9 Top Plugins 2018 For WordPress – Must-Have Plugins For WordPress

  1. Wow! So great recommendations! Hear about some of these plugins.

    I`m a dropship beginner. Recently I found another WordPress plugin – DropshipMe. What do you think about this plugin? Thanks.

  2. As always, excellent video! Thanks for the suggestions. By the way, can you recommend a Mega Menu plugin for Elementor and OceanWp that does actually work? I've tried several and they all don't seem to work well.

  3. Hi Bjorn, pleas i need some help with MailChimp. Reacently i over come more than 2000 subscribers on two lists. In general i do not send them more than 4 newsletter emails per month. And it was free of charge. My question is: when mailchimp is gona charge me for newsletter is it gona charge when my one list would have more than 2000 names or when on monthly base i over come 12000 emails. I hope you understand mine question and you know the answer. Thanks in advance

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