SEO And Website Design Tip: Creative Website Services Web Design with SEO, Social Media and video marketing

Creative Website Services provide a fully integrated web design package which includes web design, SEO, Social media and video marketing for £299, which is the price many web designers charge for web design alone. Web design that does not include these extra services could mean that your website will never be seen. We believe that it is much easier to deal with search engine optimisation, social media campaigns and video marketing while the website is being created.
In addition to this, when you create content on social media sites, they have incredibly high “link Juice” that passes back to your own pages. This only happens if they are optimised correctly. Yes that’s right your social media content needs to be optimised as much as your web site itself.

It is not just about the “link Juice”, though, as if you do optimise all the content that you create, all over the internet, then each and every one of them has the potential to rank on the first page of Google for your search terms. So it could be that your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter profile, your linked in personal and business profiles, your you tube channel, your you tube playlists, your youtube videos, your web 2.0 content, your directory listings, you social bookmarking content, ranking on the first page of Google for your keywords.. Add to this the fact that each piece of content links to each other piece, passing link juice to your website and your content on other domains too.

At Creative Website Services, we take care of all of this, we create the content, optimise it and integrate it into your campaign. We create 3 videos for you and upload them into your optimised youtube channel, in an optimised playlist.
The videos we create for you are animated text videos and can be used as welcome videos for your website or youtube channel. They can contain your sales message, your reviews and testimonials. The videos will occupy vital Google and Youtube real estate that otherwise could be occupied by your competitors.. They will engage with your visitors better than static text and images can, It can keep them on your website longer, which Google will like and rank you higher.

our integrated package costs £299, often web designers will charge this for web design alone, but you not only get web design, you get SEO, social media and video marketing.

We start with a free competitor keywords report, to help us gauge who is currently ranking for these keywords and how well they have optimised their web pages and how much social interactivity they have on their Social media content. This way we can better develop a marketing strategy to outrank all of your competitors
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Just tell us the search phrase that you think most people would search for if they were looking for your kind of products and services and we will create your keywords research report and take it from there

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