SEO And Website Design Tip: Facebook Ad Funnel Formula for 2019

Most businesses try and fail at Facebook advertising because they skip major steps. But I’ll show you my ‘Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel Formula’ which allows you to turn ice cold Facebook traffic into hot leads, and paying customers. Do it THIS way, and I guarantee you’ll lower your ad spend, and finally be successful at Facebook advertising.

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21 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Facebook Ad Funnel Formula for 2019

  1. Hey Wes! That was super helpful. Does the funnel work if you warm up the audience with a few content ads first, instead of just one content ad then straight to remarketing?

  2. Hey mate, that looks great, just one question, I'm Into the dancing event industry so my final goal is selling the ticket. Would you use a unique funnel from warming up the audience to the ticketing selling or you would recommend to breakdown the main goal to 2/3 sub goals and use one funnel per each subgoal? For example I used to drive the audience to subscribe to receive my newsletter the,nof course, I send newsletter to convert the lead to a selling, now would you use one funnel to warm map, remarketing and drive the people to subscribe and then another funnel do drive the subscribers to the selling or else you will use only one funnel for all?Cheers

  3. Great job Wes! I just discovered you today and you totally speak my language. I encourage my clients to focus on similar steps and we leverage storytelling for the ad sequencing. I look forward to seeing more of your videos πŸ™‚

  4. This is more my speed. At our agency, we just do things that we personally would like to see first when introduced to a brand…not go for a hard sell on a download or action first.

    I like this style because it is content rich up front. Gets people in if they are interested before pushing for a conversion with your brand. Reminds me of what Amanda Bond promotes!

  5. I have two questions:

    1. Why only place a content ad, why not hyperlink it to the offer page?
    2. Another Youtuber skipped content ad and used Facebook's new feature that opens a sales page then and there when you click the ad (forgot the name). How about that strategy?

  6. Can i use AI to identify the patterns about the behaviour of audience that are likely to convert ? I suppose these tasks are automated these days, Isn't it ?

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