SEO And Website Design Tip: FREE Content Audit Template / Tool – WEBRIS / CIFL – How to Use

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My name is Ryan Stewart, I’m on online entrepreneur and marketer. I used to work a job I hated for a company I didn’t believe in, until I stumbled upon “SEO”. Flash forward 10 years later and I’ve built, grown and scaled almost a dozen 7 figure businesses. It’s my goal in life to free you from the old mindset and institutions in place. If you follow my Channel you’ll learn valuable marketing, business and technical skills that will help you build your own online businesses.

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38 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: FREE Content Audit Template / Tool – WEBRIS / CIFL – How to Use

  1. Thanks for this incredible resource Ryan and David.

    I've hit a problem with the Supermetrics step; when I attempt to either edit the query ID which was set up for with my own data, or create a new query from scratch, I get the below error:

    Query failed: Can't place data to SupermetricsQueries sheet

    I have linked the sheet to my Google account, and the correct view in Google Analytics, but no joy.

    Has this been reported before, and is there an obvious thing I am doing wrong?

  2. It was a simple fix to make the ahrefs link column work correctly: Go to first url in that column (F2) and paste this: =arrayformula(if(A2<>"",countif('Ahrefs Export'!J2:J,"="&A2),"")). Then drag down to the bottom (can quickly do this by clicking on that cell, then clicking on the column above to highlight all, then command D (or control d? on windows).

  3. Great spreadsheet, but found an error when referring to the Ahrefs data, you're referencing column H on the "Ahrefs Export" sheet ("External Links Count"), but that's actually counting how many external links the linking page has (aka total backlinks from the linking page to any other pages on the web), instead you should be referencing "Total Backlinks" (column B from the Ahrefs export).

    If you used this data for determining how strong a page is because of backlinks you probably made decisions on wrong data.

    If you'd live I can share my copy with the correct references, but they still need to be checked since Ahref backlink data has slightly different columns since you put this out there.

    Otherwise love the spreadsheet! Thanks for being so generous!

  4. Hello Ryan, Thank you for the template and instructions. I know this is a free template and can't be "expected to be perfect" but it seems that there is a formula error in the NEXT STEPS tab related to the arrayformula. Like others have asked, the links count does not update and remains zero. This seems to be the problem that could be fixed and then others could use it. Mine too shows all posts as QR. If you could find the time to let me know the proper formula it would be appreciated. Again I know the template was free, but if there are errors, then I know I'd want to fix them as it reflects upon my services. Best regards.

  5. Hey, this tool looks really cool, however, it does not work 🙁 followed step by step instructions from the video. Reading through the comments it seems other people are having the same issue. (It shows all the pages are good aka 0 pages to 404,301 and 200 and it says all pages need a quality review)

  6. Hey guys. Thanks for putting this amazing tool together. I'm having some difficulty with the Next Steps tab. All metrics are showing a value of "0," and all rows show "QR" under Next Step. Data is populating on all of the other tabs. Any help you can offer would be appreciated! Thanks!

  7. hey, thanks for this I think for me something's broken, I followed the instructions to the T but right at the end, they all say QR and Link Count 0 where I can see in the ahrefs .csv file they have links, any advice?

  8. Bro – you have the best free SEO content out there. The further I get into this, the more I find myself relying on the tools and tips you give out. Thanks for all the money you're helping me make man haha!

  9. Ryan, David is really an awesome Guy 🙂 I would love to connect with you and David. Though we are connected over FB but would love to talk more on this…

  10. Great video Ryan! Quick tip for you – In the Google Sheets link, replace the entire 'edit#gld=4299…' part (after the last forward slash) with the keyword 'copy'. It will force the user to make a copy before using the template

  11. Hey Ryan, great tool….except I either did something wrong or a parameter isn't set right. I restarted 3 times with 3 different clients and every page is set with a "QR". I confirmed that exact pages are referenced in both the Ahrefs tab and sitemap tab. Thoughts?

  12. I have a quick question. In the "next steps" tab, there are these category URLs that need Quality review. You have recommended to either delete them or if they have back links, redirect them using 301.
    My point is, a category page on an e-commerce website has a lot of potential to generate visitors. I mean why would I want to delete a page like that is flagged as QR in the template?
    Don't you think adding quality content and tweaking the SEO elements of this page would be more beneficial than deleting it or setting a 301 direct?

  13. Hi Ryan, thanks so much for this great resource! I really appreciate all the effort you put into all the videos and templates.

    One question: how can I change metrics to qualify a page (under section 5)? I'm working with a group that currently doesn't have any goals/conversions set up, so I'd like to set the default to 0%, and later on experiment with adding different types of metrics/thresholds to the current formula.

    Thanks again, and please keep these coming!

  14. Hey Ryan, this is massively eye-opening. Kind of freaked me out to… I was thinking, "he literally just did all that in 12 minutes…" I imagine google sheets expertise are going to be massively in need (if they aren't already) once we start seeing more and more tasks being automated. Just binged a bit of your content, great stuff!

  15. My website's sitemap is automatically generated using WP generator and I don't have separate 'categories' like the ones in the video, tags, videos, blog posts, pages etc. All my blog posts are in separate sitemaps, each depends on the date the blog post or web page was created. Under the sitemap URL section there aren't enough rows for me to enter all sitemap urls. It is my believe that due to that the audit document didn't work out for me, because when went to "Next Step" tab there were no URLs there. :/

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