SEO And Website Design Tip: How Stephen started Freelancing – From Web Development to Graphic design – SEO – PPC marketing

Stephen is an expert freelance Graphic Designer, web developer and a freelancer. Shares how he started freelancing. He started 2002 by making/developing his first website. Throughout the years he realizes he needed other skills like graphic design. Later he branched his own t-shirt company ( printing t-shirts ). Then there are these websites that are going nowhere so he started SEO by taking SEO courses. He also learned Google AdWords, PPC ( pay per click advertising) and many more! He also loves designing merch nowadays.

His top 3 freelancing skills are:
1. E-commerce
2. Marketing
3. Graphic design

He also shared a common mistake by E-commerce businesses
1. Websites are not user-friendly / not properly established

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