SEO And Website Design Tip: How To Do Local SEO For Websites Using WordPress [Part 3]

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In today’s video, we continue out Local SEO rankings series. In the series, I go over step by step ranking my client on Google

I purchased a brand new website and a brand new domain to start with the SEO process.

In doing so I decided to record the process in a series to show people exactly how to rank websites in Google using WordPress.

Now that we have the website set up, I am now going to cover the first phase of on-page optimization. A process in which you optimize each and every page to target a specific phrase or keyword.

With proper local SEO keywords to target, you can start to get qualified traffic onto your website that will convert into new customers.

We also optimized the client’s Google My Business settings to get a maximum reach in the local map pack.

A new video for this series will be dropping each and every week

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43 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: How To Do Local SEO For Websites Using WordPress [Part 3]

  1. How do you justify using categories vs. parent pages? I use categories for blogs but not services or locations. I'm using parent pages for those non-blog "silo's" as it is much easier to customize the main parent (category) page. Do you see a difference in ranking?

  2. I received four certificates including, along with my Software engineering degree, so I already know HTML5 and CSS#/Saas, Javascript php Ruby on Rails etc, I don't one god damn thang tho lmao smh fml. I've preferred WP or Webflow anyway


  3. Great information but I wish you would slow down a little bit when talking, seems like your in a race and it's quite frustrating when trying to follow you step by step:-)

  4. Hey Ruan… first off, thanks so much for the amazingly insightful videos! They've been extremely helpful, as well as entertaining. QUESTION… many of my clients are Home-based businesses without a business address (ie plumbers, contractors, etc.). What is your approach when it comes to citations and ranking these types of businesses on Google? Thank you in advance!

  5. I added “photography” to my brand name on GMB and the next day it had been removed lol. It’s clearly a photography business, any ideas?

  6. be very careful about putting keywords in place of the real business name- you may get away for now but you may get your map suspended and you can spend some time to get it back in the ranking. if you have affiliate or lead gen and site you own but don't play with real business. there are ways to get around this.

  7. Great content man, keep it up. However i have a question, I believe that in the next video you will you will be talking about a blog for your client. I am currently working with a client who doesn't approve of blogging on their website unless its their own events and press release. So my question is, what other avenues can one use for online marketing other than press releases and PPC in my case

  8. Hey Ruan Thanks for this great Series keep it up :), Can you share some tips how do you manage multiple clients google accounts ? for example do you create GMB from your account or clients accounts ? do you have some sort of dashboard cheers to all 🙂

  9. We also want to make sure that we don't index useless pages because some sites have about 3000 pages which don't help them. So what to do if we get a site and have to delete all the extra stuff?

  10. Great video regarding building out a silo structure. Is there any additional information available supporting the benefits of silo structures as compared to using just the post name method? Also, what are your thoughts on beaver builder and elementor wordpress plugins?

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