SEO And Website Design Tip: How To Setup Google My Business For Maximum Results

If you want to know how to setup Google My Business the right way the first time, I’ll walk you through every single step. I’ll also show you a few pro-tips, as well as a few things that are brand new you can take advantage of in 2018 to stand apart from your competition, and gain even more online visibility.

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42 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: How To Setup Google My Business For Maximum Results

  1. Hi Great video! a quck question, how can I set it up for my clients without asking them for their google login details etc? Is there a way? How would you do it for your web design / seo clients?

  2. [Question] First, thanks for taking the time to create a solid video. I appreciate the info. Question about multiple listings. I have my GMB setup but some how there are more than one listing. What should/can be done about those? Thanks again!

  3. Hey, Great information on Google Maps, I have watched your other videos as well on Google Maps Ranking.

    My business does not have a specific address on Google Maps and we are listed as Services. Do these rules of Google Maps Ranking (three pack, geotargeted phots, etc.) apply to Business Services as well? As a business Service can i be in three pack of google maps in my category?

    Thanking you in advance,

    Alessio, Natural Cures Botanicals

  4. I’m stuck. My google business app says, “ verify your business to respond to reviews from google users”
    But I already typed my verification code a week ago. What do I do?

  5. My name is Shannon and I am helping KBBL optimize. I clicked on their tile board in the upper right-hand corner and their shop icon for Google My Business does not show up so I can't access the dashboard you are referring to. I have seen their postcard for verification from over two years ago…so I would assume they are verified. From a troubleshooting perspective, why wouldn't my icon to access my dashboard be showing up?

  6. I’ve already got the verification Cade and entered it but don’t have a website so it won’t pull up , its a taxicab business but won’t come up when I type in taxi cab in my town

  7. I just verified my business but it doesnt appear on the map . The only thing that its public its the website i created via mybusiness. Does it take time to show up or i am doing something wrong?

  8. I'm getting this message for Posts 'Sorry, posts are currently not enabled for your business listing' Is this because we are a Resort or do I have to 'active it' somewhere?

  9. if i go to messaging it asks me to download Google My Business – Connect with your Customers i am assuming that must be done on phone that is receiving the message?

  10. Hi man! thank for your great videos!
    do you have a suggestion on how to set a business that offers google map ranking service?
    I mean, open an llc etc

  11. I’m a writer but there isn’t a “writer,” “author,” “writing,” or “book” category. I also do coaching. Should I do “Life Coach” or “Book Publishing”?

  12. Hi Wes. I have a client and I need guidance. I have liked and subscribed. Would you be interested in getting paid for providing some time and information so that I know I am doing it right. Please le me know. Thank you

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