SEO And Website Design Tip: Many Web Design Agencies Don't Understand SEO

This will be a controversial video, but it needs to be said. Many web design agencies simply do not understand SEO, and may even (unknowingly) make it difficult for you to rank in the future.

I don’t think it’s malicious, but here’s how it happens. Design or branding focused web agencies oftentimes know very little about SEO, and it doesn’t occur to them to work together with a SEO agency to help drive traffic to their client’s websites.

Look, we all want to believe that the discipline we are selling (design, development, branding, content) is the MOST important factor in driving customers to your site. They all work together. We believe that agencies of different disciplines should work together, too.

SEO isn’t fairy dust sprinkled on a site at the end. SEO is part of the design (What does your home page look like? What do the sites on page one for your target keyword look like? Does your new site match user intent?)

Maybe it’s the fear of a design agency having to split the client budget with a specialty agency. Perhaps it’s the mindset that everyone is competition. Get over it. Do what’s right for your client.

FWIW, we see this a lot in small and medium sized businesses that don’t have an internal marketing team. The new website launches, and traffic is flat–no gain at all.

Know what you’re good at, and recognize and refer agencies that are good at what they do, too. By working together, we can help clients achieve their goals a lot faster than by having a scarcity mindset and working alone.

Links mentioned / Other references:
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Sara Dunn “It Just Made Me Mad” (Video)
My friend Sara talking about a business owner she talked to who got their SEO wrecked by a website redesign.

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One thought on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Many Web Design Agencies Don't Understand SEO

  1. Many web agencies that specialize in branding, design, or coding may not understand SEO. Many of them think it is snake oil. SEO is not fairy dust sprinkled on at the end. It is a multi-faceted thing that permeates the entire process. Content, brand building, link building, design, matching searcher intent, URL structure, 301 redirects, etc…all these go into building up organic Google traffic. Have a SEO question? Leave it in the comments below, and we will answer it in a future video. Peace.

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