SEO And Website Design Tip: SEO Fight Club – Episode 2 – Meta Descriptions

Join us as we dive into Meta Descriptions and try to figure out if it is a ranking factor or not.

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10 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO Fight Club – Episode 2 – Meta Descriptions

  1. @SEO FightClub: Ted, when Cora will be able to share data with others to get a better view n what's going on in total – would it make sense to group keywords from the same country/language? Because I think it would not make sense to mix german keyword data with US keyword data because the algorithms are still different, at least according to what I see. Just a thought though – you probably have thought about that already.

  2. conclusion on this one is a little difficult. My approach would be to include an exact match and then two other matches that are getting bolded — all with an incentivised approach to induce a higher ctr — and have very similar copy (if not exact) that features on the actual page as well.

  3. Hi Guys

    I like to hear your opinions on site-wide navigation link placement of the pages you want to rank for.

    Is it better for rankings to have drop-down, main navigation links or always visible sidebar links?

    Maybe it's a topic worthy of debate in one of your future videos.

    If not, what are your thoughts on this?

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