SEO And Website Design Tip: SEO This Week Episode 117 – Semantics, Bugs, Article Spinning

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14 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO This Week Episode 117 – Semantics, Bugs, Article Spinning

  1. So recently I have been ranking a few of my sites with medium competition keywords to the first page of Google, and the way I'm doing it is pretty simple.

    Basically what I'm doing is driving large volumes of quality traffic to my sites. After just 2 weeks of doing this, I am now getting a large volume of organic traffic and making sales. For the investment I have made 10 times my money back. I plan on targeting more keywords, and rinse and repeat.

    Traffic is key to ranking. You can spend months and months doing SEO and hope to rank and not get slapped by Google, or you can stay under Googles Radar and just drive traffic.

    If you search Google for "onestopwebtraffic" that's where I get my traffic for all my sites. I usually target 6 keywords every 2 weeks and once I get them to page 1, 1 target 6 more. I buy 1 keyword targeted domain for the 6 keywords. All 6 keywords have the target url keyword in it.

    For example my domain is – bestfishfood,c0m target url focused on "fish food"

    Keyword examples I drive traffic to would be – cheap fish food, organic fish food, fish food for gold fish

    You get the idea. Of course you want the search volume to be medium. If you try this and you aren't getting on page 1, you are using a keyword that is way too tough to rank.. Change your keyword.

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