SEO And Website Design Tip: SEO Zen Review: Alex Becker and Company's SEO Zen

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In this SEO Zen review, I take a look at Alex Becker, Alex Cass, and Mo Miah’s product. I’ve also added an update since SEO Zen is no longer being sold, but Alex continues to blog and release products in the SEO community. How do they compare to the best and worst products I’ve reviewed? Find out in this video. is a trade name of Pribyl Ventures, LLC, a limited liability company organized in Texas.

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15 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO Zen Review: Alex Becker and Company's SEO Zen

  1. Apparently NoMoreBSReviews has been paid to remove this video by Alex Becker.
    Ask yourself this question………. Why are you removing your review when it was based on your thoughts at the time.
    Has no bearing on what you think of it now.
    I think your NoMoreBS reviews just went to , NoMore BS reviews when Im getting paid to remove them

  2. Lol!! Great review. SEO ZEN was a wannabe knock off of another program. But, like a lot of these self proclaimed gurus, a product launch is much like a bank robbery. .. get in and get put with as much money as possible.

  3. Great job. You are an excellent honest reviewer, and it´s true it is very refreshing and soothing to find someone actually telling the truth instead of trying to push an affiliate link disguised as a review.
    I have been having trouble with undesired ads popping up in my website and I just uninstalled the SEO ZEN plugin after watching your video. I don´t know if this was the thing placing the ads. What do you think? 

  4. I just saw the SEO ZEN video last night! I thought it was kind of strange the way it worked however being brand new to the SEO subject I was not sure what to think. I appreciate the review because now I can spend time checking out other stuff. There were a few others that I was wondering about, Magic Submitter, GSA and SENuke. Do you know about these or have a review on them?

  5. Wow, first time that I have tried to find out about a product and got a real review. In the past, a search for "xxxx review" would simply yield a page or two of people promoting that product. THANKS! You are going to be bookmarked, favorited, followed, etc.

  6. I have it & have never used it ( it came free w/another product). There are several factors at play with this product , as well as others in the SEO niche, but it all boils down to one golden rule: TIMING IS E*V*E*R*Y*T*H*I*N*G. What I mean is when it came out (assuming you were somewhat "seasoned" in SEO – esp. Becker's approach w/SILO websites etc..) the most benefit of the product would have been w/in the first 90 days of it's launch. Google always changes the "terms" of SEO, so EVERY product on SEO is subject to the "outdated" issue. I agree that there will always be bottom line SEO guaranteed results / protocols , but this particular product was (IMO) designed for quick "wham, bam , thank you mam" SEO projects (i.e. nothing anyone should have ever invested too much faith or trust in the project sticking around for very long). If it were me ( and I was him) I would update the product – but he really doesn't have to,..he makes a lot of money doing other things w/SEO. All in all I think he is beneficial to SEO, but not every online celebrity will offer a risk free product. There's risk in this business – that is a given.

  7. I like Becker's teaching style and he does give ton's of free SEO training  away more that anyone else so you can't take that away from him but that seozen product was a flop in useability… I wish I knew other people had the same problems… then if we bitched it would be fixed or refunded.

    I just recently read that they received $1.3 million dollars in sales from that launch from  the person that wrote the sales copy for that seozen product.

    My main bitch was the auto gen content as well I got all the same useless crap content for my keywords as well.

    Had to go in and manually delete all that crap out of there.

    So thumbs up to you for an honest review and I have a new channel to subscribe to…yours before I purchase another IM product.

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