SEO And Website Design Tip: The Only Mobile Marketing Checklist You Need for 2018

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The Only Mobile Marketing Checklist You Need for 2018

Join Chris and Matt for an awesome discussion about mobile marketing in episode 405. Use this essential checklist created by Sergey Grybniak in “The Mobile Marketing Checklist You Need for 2018” and learn the best tips on how to use it from Matt and Chris!

“Businesses have no choice but to adjust their digital marketing campaigns to a new reality of mobile-driven marketing.” Absolutely. We’ll cover some things about mobile. How important it is, and where it’s actually less important.

So, “Global marketing trends.” “68% of marketing leaders use mobile campaign management tools.”

“83% of all traffic in the US will be mobile by 2018.” According to Zenith. We’re not there yet. I don’t think we’ll be there by the end of this year.

“50% of US customers will conduct all their online activities on a mobile device by 2018.” No, I don’t think that’s true.

“By 2019, nearly 72% of digital ad spending in the US will be allocated for mobile platforms.” I believe that, like making instant purchases and stuff like that.

“By 2021, over $1 trillion will be spent worldwide to adapt websites and applications to the realities of the mobile-first world.” Yeah, I like that stat.

“By 2019, nearly 80% of all mobile traffic will be video traffic (TubularInsights).”

Number 1 is, “Ensure your sites and apps are mobile-friendly.” This specifically includes, “Responsive design and excellent load times.” So less than five, preferably three. So if your page load time transitions from one second to seven seconds in a linear fashion, you will get bounce rates that increase 113%. So more than double of your traffic is bouncing immediately.

Next is, “Impeccable UX/UI.” User Experience, user interface. Users no longer tolerate these things:
– Non-optimized, poorly navigable pages
– Unclickable buttons and tabs
– Images that do not fit on the page
– Unreadable content that requires zooming

“Great mobile search optimization.” The really key one: “titles and meta descriptions – make them shorter to optimize for lesser screen space.” I’m not convinced of that. Just remember pretty soon we’re gonna be mobile first indexing, so he may not have taken that into consideration.

I did read an article that was saying, having the keyword in the title, in the H1 and in the description is becoming less of a correlative factor in good placement. It’s more about the content and less about how are you manipulating the little tools. Use the semantic learning tool.

Number 2, “Optimize and personalize content for mobile devices.”“Optimization of content pages that are slow to load and hard to navigate. Update your mobile design and implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).” He says, “Use more natural, long-tail keywords, and implement Schema. Users crave specialized and personalized content: emails, instant app messages, and SMS. All of these elements have amazing open rates.” For example, SMS has a 98% opening rate and, if delivered during so-called micro-moments, they can dramatically increase conversions and ROI.

Number 3 is, “Prioritize local optimization.” “Use shorter keywords for organic searches; optimize for longer, more natural keywords for voice searches.” I think we all covet shorter words in general, it’s the shorter words that tend to get more search volume.

With the description, understand on a mobile device where it’s gonna get cut off. It should have the same length required to do well on a desktop and be written intelligently so you know that it’s gonna get cut off at whatever the word count is on mobile.

One thing that is absolutely true right now – may not be true at the end of 2018 – is more conversions actually happen on a desktop.

“Make sure to claim and optimize your Google My Business listings.” I cannot cosign that more. That’s like step one.

Number 4, “Adjust your PPC & SMM campaigns for mobile.” It says, “Since few organic results fit in on a smartphone’s screen, investing resources into developing a paid search strategy makes perfect sense.” Think about adding phrases like: “purchase from your smartphone,” “order from your mobile,” “easy mobile leasing,” etc.

“Use mobile ad extensions. Specifically, you should try sitelinks, call extensions, click-to-call ads, and local extensions,” and promoted pins. Message extensions, brand new.

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