SEO And Website Design Tip: Website Checklist: 8 Must-Haves for a High Quality Website

We know that Google rewards “high quality” websites with higher search rankings, but what make a website high quality anyway? In this video, I’ll show you the 8 things you want to check off your list to delight your visitors, turn more of them into customers, and impress the hell out of Google while you do it.

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5 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Website Checklist: 8 Must-Haves for a High Quality Website

  1. I REALLY enjoyed this video. Used to build websites on GoDaddy but switched to WordPress. Busy with 4 right now (one of which is my own). Agree 100% on images/videos and deep relevant content. New info:, and some thought provoking info on clever linking – nice stuff. Very helpful. I have subscribed to your channel and your free website ROI course. Appreciate. Will keep in touch.

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