SEO And Website Design Tip: Wix Code vs Wix Table. Create a Table with search bar. Google Form on Wix

Before you running to Wix Code, check out the Wix Table Master to see what it can do for you!



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Tutorial video by:  code queen nayeli
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20 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Wix Code vs Wix Table. Create a Table with search bar. Google Form on Wix

  1. Hi I need to embed a excel type file where I can still can calculate cells to wix do you have a solution or an alternative to make this work. thanks in advance for your help & advice

  2. I like ur video ..But i request to u
    How to add search content option in the wix web site ….
    My requirement is class (search option ) then course ( search option ) then go butten

    Pls this type creat the video
    Pls i request to u

    I miss ur video
    I m from india

    I recently designed a table using wix code.

    its connected to a live data set… and it shows information from the form that people submitted in the table… this is great!

    the issue is…. when i go to click individual (user) submitted forms on the table… i always get the most recent form that has been submitted…

    i am assuming this has to do with a "filter" or a "sort"
    maybe, i didn't write the proper code…..
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I understand you are a busy individual but i have been watching you videos quite frequently and i bet you have come across this issue!

  4. Is there a way to create a table where the header is vertical? and the information shows vertically in columns instead of rows? I tried using repeaters for this but I have large data files and it takes too long to load.

  5. I created a table based on a collection (user input) but within the table I want to show changes in color in one of the fields (red or green, depending on if its right or wrong) based on what is inputted. Do I need to code that into the table/page or is there a way to do it with the table settings?

  6. hi,

    thank you for sharing, can you please share how can i create a table which each cell has a formula based on the user input, like in excel we type" = formula" then we click enter and were done, i tried doing it on but couldn't do it
    appreciate your help

  7. Hi, I want to create a table. The content of the table will be based on what you select from the dropdown list. For example I have 4 datasets, and 4 options in the dropdown list. If I select the 1st option, then the table should display 1st dataset.. How would I be able to do it in wix?

  8. thanks code queen so i have another problem. i create a website with wix but there are the bugs when i publish it. do you help me. can you visit this website and say me which solutions please

  9. Hey. When I upload my google spreadsheet into table master. The hyperlinks I have in my spreadsheet don't work. Do you have any idea how I can rectify this?


  10. Have you had issues with your Google sheet not showing properly on your Wix page? I think I've done everything correctly however the data is showing in a very different way on the page compared to the way it looks in Google. (The order of the data, etc).

  11. Hey there! I'm using Table Master as well. However, I ran into a problem whereby a merged cell in my Google Sheet would show as multiple cells when displayed through Table Master on my site. Is there a way around this problem?

    Thank you 🙂

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