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WordPress SEO Friendly Permalinks Structure – SEO URLs in WordPress | WP Learning Lab

How to 301 redirect using the .htaccess file: You will need this if you already have website content online and you want to change the permalink structure.

In this tutorial you’re going to learn what an SEO friendly permalink or SEO friendly URL looks like. To do this we’ll have to edit permalinks, which may affect existing content on your website. I explain how to address that situation in the video

To get to the Permalinks section in your WordPress site hover over Settings and then click on Permalinks. You will be show the various Permalink options available to you.

The most SEO friendly option is Post name and that is the one that I recommend for every website. The only except would be if you have a news website where you’re publishing a lot of content every day. In that case I would go for the Day and name structure.

For search engine optimization the URL needs to have human-readable words that a search engine can read and draw meaning from. That allows the search engine to organize your content appropriately in its index.

WordPress Permalinks are power vehicles for WordPress SEO.

Once you’ve chosen the permalink structure that you want click on Save Changes.

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6 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: WordPress SEO Friendly Permalink Structure – SEO URLs in WordPress | WP Learning Lab

  1. Hi are you still able to categorize your posts if you use post name for permalink setting? My understanding is that using %category%/%postname%/ enables you to categorize your posts and for silo purpose.

  2. Well let me ask this,
    I am currently using the RSS from WordPress. This RSS feed for WordPress is I then installed the Pretty Link plugin which required me to change my Permalink. As a result of this my RSS feed for WordPress is now So my question is will this affect the feed to iTunes? Now keep in mind that the feed is still coming from WordPress however it changed due to me changing the Permalink in WordPress. Will iTunes still be able to read the changed feed the same or will it not be able to read it the same. Are there additional step to get iTues to read the changed RSS Feed?

    On another note:

    Also what would be the process if I wanted to change the RSS feed from a WordPress RSS feed to a Libsyn an RSS feed?

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