SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Are Real Estate Agents Still Needed with Websites like Zillow?

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Many people believe that real estate agents will go the way of the travel agent and stockbroker. Technology has made it easier to find homes for sale, but I think real estate agents are still needed and will continue to be needed for many years. Buying a house is one of the most complicated things anyone will ever do. It is also very difficult valuing homes because every house is in a different location, is in a different condition, and every seller has different motivations. Real estate agents can be expensive, but not using a real estate agent usually costs the seller even more money because they sell their house for less than money than if they would have used an agent. Buyers typically do not have to pay a real estate agent, so there is no reason for them not to use them.

In the end, we have had major technology changes in the housing industry for decades and real estate agents are still needed. Many of the deals that I get are from sellers who do not use real estate agents. They understand they are making less money, but for many different reasons do not want to sell their house with an agent.

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11 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Are Real Estate Agents Still Needed with Websites like Zillow?

  1. Is there a buyer’s agent who has incentive to lower the price? No. The idea you need a realtor only persists because the lobbyists at the local and national levels put regulations in place to protect the realtors and other benefactors of the current transaction process. The entire real estate market is propped up on cheap Fed money lent by banks at ten times their deposits. If the wall of regulation can ever be breached by disrupters and the transaction be made as simple as it should be, there would only be a need for realtors as sales representatives.

  2. Hey Mark I have been watching your videos for a couple months I’m a 18 year old kid and I just wanted to know do you have any kind of courses for house flipping?

  3. I disagree with the whole "the seller pays for the buyers agent". The buyers commission is built into the sales price of the house. If the seller needs to net, say $100k. The lowest they would probably take is $106k with an Agent. If it's a FSBO, they can sell it for $100k and net the same. So, again the buyer pays the commission in the sales price.

  4. I recently bought a house in Texas. While I certainly used the online assets available to me, there was really nothing that could replace the very good Realtor we used for the purchase. She was very knowledgeable about the area, prices, upside, downside, what to look for and so on and so forth. She pretty much had real-time access to the MLS that general consumers do not. She was patient and understanding. We finally found the perfect house for us, which I am 100% SURE would not have happened without that Real Estate Agent. There is nothing like having expertise on your side.

    Then there is the all the LEGAL aspect which is pretty daunting for the average buyer. We did all this online. She sent us all the required documents and explained what they were and why we needed them.

    Good luck doing all that by yourself.

  5. You're right, but never say never. That's when you get burned lol. I have no doubt there are developers (coders to clarify) working on software/products to further replace the job of an agent just like they are with every other job. Can't wait for the day when robots start showing houses. Agents are a powerful lobby though.

  6. This will probably be an unpopular comment, but I have found that SOME realtors are about as honest as used car dealers. I know this because I was renting a house that went up for sale. Realtors actually tried to get me not to tell potential buyers the truth when they asked me questions, since I NEVER let them show the house when I wasn't home. Like I was going to lie to a potential new landlord!
    People need to learn how to translate "realtor speak". Has potential = needs quite a bit of work. Fixer upper = needs a lot of work. Handyman special = anything from major structural work to just bulldoze it and start from scratch. One would think they would rather tell the buyer the truth to generate good word of mouth to future home buyers.

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