SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Best Real Estate Marketing – Become The Digital Mayor

Want to learn about the best real estate marketing ideas from someone besides tom ferry?

As a Realtor, your job is to generate quality real estate leads that want to work with you. Lead generation and the quality of leads is all based on you becoming the digital mayor of you town or city.

The digital mayor concept is by the the best and most effective way of attracting home buyer and seller leads.

Generating real estate leads (buyer leads or seller leads) in today’s real estate market is getting tougher. With everyone competing for the same online leads generated by the same Facebook advertising everyone else is using, standing out is getting tougher.

Back in 2013 I fired my real estate coach and my business started to take off. I stopped thinking like a real estate agent and started thinking like the local mayor a.k.a Digital Mayor.

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19 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Best Real Estate Marketing – Become The Digital Mayor

  1. I have used infusion soft in the past. and it is one of the more expensive crm to purchase however it does a lot. For me at the time it was a little over whelming. Today I use podio. its free and easy and i can integrate it with other software. By the way love the sunglasses

  2. Hey Sebastian – what about a little twist on your thoughts? I live in a very small community. I'd run out of static content in a short while. What if that that digital mayor was all about being the media company that documents the active life in the community? What I mean is – not necessarily interviewing the doctors or writing about the restaurants, but "living" the life, about marketing the life through my social media platform and my marketing company. Does that make sense?

  3. I'm just entering the world of real estate…you're vlogs are highly entertaining and the out of the box thinking is enlightening…thank you!

    btw…we use boomtown for a crm at my agency

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